• My research examines the determinants and consequences of body weight and weight-related outcomes. There are two broad lines to my research: (1) examining the effect of early life experiences on the health and obesity of midlife and older adults; and (2) examining the effect of social status on weight-related outcomes, including obesity and dietary behaviors. The objective of my research is to improve causal inferences about the determinants of consequences of body weight and identify factors—such as perceived social status—which complement the design of weight management behavioral interventions.
  • Selected Publications

    Academic Article

    Year Title Altmetric
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    The Ethical and Educational Imperative of Due Process

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  • Obesity, Social Determinants of Health, Social Status
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  • PUH 204: (Health Meets Life: Sex Drugs, and Weight)
    HB636Q: Survey Design and Analysis (online)
    HB742: Mediation and Moderation in the Social Sciences,
    HB741 Fundamentals of Clinical Trials, and HB706, Energetics.
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  • Gregory Pavela