Selected Publications

Academic Article

Year Title Altmetric
2022 Loss of IRF2BPL impairs neuronal maintenance through excess Wnt signalingScience Advances.  8. 2022
2021 Genotype–phenotype correlations and novel molecular insights into the DHX30-associated neurodevelopmental disorders 2021
2021 Puma, noxa, p53, and p63 differentially mediate stress pathway induced apoptosisCell Death and Disease.  12. 2021
2021 Generation and application of a versatile CRISPR toolkit for mammalian cell engineering 2021
2020 Synthetic immunomodulation with a CRISPR super-repressor in vivoNature Cell Biology.  22:1143-1154. 2020
2019 Reduced apoptosis in Chinese hamster ovary cells via optimized CRISPR interferenceBiotechnology and Bioengineering.  116:1813-1819. 2019
2018 An enhanced CRISPR repressor for targeted mammalian gene regulationNature methods.  15:611-616. 2018
2018 Enhanced Bacterial Immunity and Mammalian Genome Editing via RNA-Polymerase-Mediated Dislodging of Cas9 from Double-Strand DNA BreaksMolecular Cell.  71:42-55.e8. 2018
2018 Characterization of coding/noncoding variants for SHROOM3 in patients with CKDJournal of the American Society of Nephrology.  29:1525-1535. 2018
2018 CRISPR guide RNA cloning for mammalian systemsJournal of Visualized Experiments.  2018. 2018
2017 SgRNA Scorer 2.0: A Species-Independent Model to Predict CRISPR/Cas9 Activity 2017
2016 Genome-wide association studies identify genetic loci associated with Albuminuria in diabetesDiabetes.  65:803-817. 2016
2015 Shroom3 contributes to the maintenance of the glomerular filtration barrier integrity 2015
2014 Refined mapping of a hypertension susceptibility locus on rat chromosome 12Hypertension.  64:883-890. 2014
2010 Renal medullary MicroRNAs in dahl salt-sensitive rats: MiR-29b regulates several collagens and related genesHypertension.  55:974-982. 2010

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  • Doctor of Philosophy in Physiology, Medical College of Wisconsin 2015
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  • Nan Cher Yeo