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2019 Supercoil levels in e. Coli and salmonella chromosomes are regulated by the c-terminal 35–38 amino acids of gyraMicroorganisms.  7. 2019
2017 Efficient, ultra-high-Affinity chromatography in a one-step purification of complex proteins 2017
2016 Species-specific supercoil dynamics of the bacterial nucleoidBiophysical Reviews.  8:113-121. 2016
2015 Topological behavior of plasmid DNAMicrobiology Spectrum.  3. 2015
2014 RNA polymerase: Chromosome domain boundary maker and regulator of supercoil densityCurrent Opinion in Microbiology.  22:138-143. 2014
2012 A human TOP2A core DNA binding X-ray structure reveals topoisomerase subunit dynamics and a potential mechanism for SUMO modulation of decatenationJournal of Molecular Biology.  424:105-108. 2012
2012 Rates of Gyrase Supercoiling and Transcription Elongation Control Supercoil Density in a Bacterial ChromosomePLoS Genetics.  8. 2012
2010 DNA topology of highly transcribed operons in Salmonella enterica serovar TyphimuriumMolecular Microbiology.  78:1348-1364. 2010
2007 Microarray analysis of Mu transposition in Salmonella enterica, serovar Typhimurium: Transposon exclusion by high-density DNA binding proteinsMolecular Microbiology.  66:315-328. 2007
2007 Growth rate toxicity phenotypes and homeostatic supercoil control differentiate Escherichia coli from Salmonella enterica serovar typhimuriumJournal of Bacteriology.  189:5839-5849. 2007
2007 Mutational bias suggests that replication termination occurs near the dif site, not at Ter sites: What's the Dif?Molecular Microbiology.  64:1-4. 2007
2007 Under DNA stress, gyrase makes the sign of the crossNature Structural and Molecular Biology.  14:256-258. 2007
2005 A gyrase mutant with low activity disrupts supercoiling at the replication terminusJournal of Bacteriology.  187:7773-7783. 2005
2005 Organization of supercoil domains and their reorganization by transcriptionMolecular Microbiology.  57:1511-1521. 2005
2005 Bacteriophage Mu targets the trinucleotide sequence CGGJournal of Bacteriology.  187:3586-3588. 2005
2005 Measuring chromosome dynamics on different time scales using resolvases with varying half-livesMolecular Microbiology.  56:1049-1061. 2005
2004 Microarray analysis of transposition targets in Escherichia coli: The impact of transcription 2004
2004 Transcription-induced barriers to supercoil diffusion in the Salmonella typhimurium chromosome 2004
2004 Rapid tagging of endogenous mouse genes by recombineering and ES cell complementation of tetraploid blastocysts.Nucleic Acids Research.  32. 2004
2001 Mu and IS1 transpositions exhibit strong orientation bias at the Escherichia coli bgl locusJournal of Bacteriology.  183:3328-3335. 2001
2001 Transcription induces a supercoil domain barrier in bacteriophage MuBiochimie.  83:155-159. 2001
1999 Phage Mu transposition immunity reflects supercoil domain structure of the chromosomeMolecular Microbiology.  32:595-606. 1999
1998 Gyrase and Topo IV modulate chromosome domain size in vivoMolecular Microbiology.  29:1435-1448. 1998
1997 The DNA cleavage reaction of DNA gyrase: Comparison of stable ternary complexes formed with enoxacin and CcdB proteinJournal of Biological Chemistry.  272:27202-27209. 1997
1996 C-terminal deletions can suppress temperature-sensitive mutations and change dominance in the phage Mu repressor 1996
1996 Surveying a supercoil domain by using the γδ resolution system in Salmonella typhimuriumJournal of Bacteriology.  178:2825-2835. 1996
1995 Characterization of Mu prophage lacking the central strong gyrase binding site: Localization of the block in replicationJournal of Bacteriology.  177:5937-5942. 1995
1995 End joining of genomic DNA and transgene DNA in fertilized mouse eggsGene.  165:173-181. 1995
1994 H-NS over-expression induces an artificial stationary phase by silencing global transcriptionBiochimie.  76:1019-1029. 1994
1994 ‘Muprints’ of the lac operon demonstrate physiological control over the randomness of in vivo transpositionMolecular Microbiology.  12:665-677. 1994
1993 Expression of the gene encoding the major bacterial nucleoid protein H‐NS is subject to transcriptional auto‐repressionMolecular Microbiology.  10:273-282. 1993
1992 Death and transfiguration among bacteriaTrends in Biochemical Sciences.  17:207-211. 1992
1992 Stabilization of bacteriophage Mu repressor‐operator complexes by the Escherichia coli integration host factor proteinMolecular Microbiology.  6:1715-1722. 1992
1991 Mutations altering chromosomal protein H-NS induce mini-Mu transpositionThe New biologist.  3:615-625. 1991
1991 Topoisomerase mutants and physiological conditions control supercoiling and Z-DNA formation in vivoJournal of Biological Chemistry.  266:2576-2581. 1991
1991 Frameshift mutations in the bacteriophage Mu repressor gene can confer a trans-dominant virulent phenotype to the phageJournal of Bacteriology.  173:6578-6585. 1991
1991 Temperature-sensitive mutations in the bacteriophage Mu c repressor locate a 63-amino-acid DNA-binding domainJournal of Bacteriology.  173:6568-6577. 1991
1990 A DNA gyrase-binding site at the center of the bacteriophage Mu genome is required for efficient replicative transposition 1990
1990 Subunit-specific phenotypes of Salmonella typhimurium HU mutantsJournal of Bacteriology.  172:5402-5407. 1990
1989 Differential activity of a transposable element in Escherichia coli coloniesJournal of Bacteriology.  171:5975-5986. 1989
1989 Supercoiling and integration host factor change the DNA conformation and alter the flow of convergent transcription in phage Mu.Journal of Biological Chemistry.  264:3035-3042. 1989
1988 Packaging specific segments of the Salmonella chromosome with locked-in Mud-P22 prophages. 1988
1988 Primary structure and mapping of the hupA gene of Salmonella typhimurium.Journal of Bacteriology.  170:5751-5758. 1988
1988 Variation of β-galactosidase expression from Mudlac elements during the development of Escherichia coli coloniesResearch in Microbiology.  139:79-103. 1988
1988 Variation of β-galactosidase expression from Mudlac elements during the development of Escherichia coli coloniesAnnales de l'Institut Pasteur. Microbiology.  139:79-103. 1988
1986 Positive and negative regulation of the Mu operator by Mu repressor and Escherichia coli integration host factorJournal of Biological Chemistry.  261:3744-3752. 1986
1986 Purification of the gam gene-product of bacteriophage mu and determination of the nucleotide sequence of the gam geneNucleic Acids Research.  14:6901-6914. 1986
1984 Mu DNA replication in vitro: Criteria for initiation 1984
1984 Analysis of mu DNA replicated on cellophane discs.Advances in Experimental Medicine and Biology.  179:63-67. 1984
1984 On the Mu repressor and early DNA intermediates of transposition 1984
1983 The early promoter of bacteriophage mu: Definition of the site of transcript initiationNucleic Acids Research.  11:5483-5495. 1983
1983 Poly(ADP-ribosylation) of a DNA topoisomerase.Journal of Biological Chemistry.  258:6000-6003. 1983
1983 Bacteriophage Mu DNA replication in vitroJournal of Biological Chemistry.  258:4293-4297. 1983
1983 Bacteriophage Mu: A transposing repliconCell.  33:623-628. 1983
1982 The binding of gyrase to DNA: Analysis by retention by nitrocellulose filtersNucleic Acids Research.  10:6833-6847. 1982
1980 DNA gyrase subunit stoichiometry and the covalent attachment of subunit a to DNA during DNA cleavageNucleic Acids Research.  8:3865-3874. 1980
1980 Interaction between DNA gyrase and its cleavage site on DNA.Journal of Biological Chemistry.  255:2211-2219. 1980
1979 Addition of oligonucleotides to the 5′-terminus of DNA by T4 RNA ligaseNucleic Acids Research.  6:1013-1024. 1979
1979 Differences in the ability of human lymphoblastoid lines to exclude bromodeoxyuridine and in their sensitivity to methyl methanesulfonate and to incorporated [3h]thymidineCancer Research.  39:312-320. 1979
1979 Structure and activities of Escherichia coli DNA gyrase 1979
1978 Energy coupling in DNA gyrase and the mechanism of action of novobiocin 1978
1978 Purification of subunits of Escherichia coli DNA gyrase and reconstitution of enzymatic activity 1978
1977 Intermediates in Excision Repair by Human Cells: Use of S1 Nuclease and Benzoylated Naphthoylated Cellulose to Reveal Single-Strand BreaksBiochemistry.  16:4483-4490. 1977
1977 Bacteriophage T4 RNA ligase: Preparation of a physically homogeneous, nuclease-free enzyme from hyperproducing infected cellsNucleic Acids Research.  4:3175-3186. 1977
1977 Alkylation damage and DNA excision repair in mammalian cells 1977
1976 A model for replication repair in mammalian cellsJournal of Molecular Biology.  101:417-425. 1976


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2017 Measuring in vivo supercoil dynamics and transcription elongation rates in bacterial chromosomes.  17-27. 2017
2013 Gyrase.  374-377. 2013
2010 Molecular structure and dynamics of bacterial nucleoids.  117-148. 2010

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