• I am a board certified, fellowship trained Neuroradiologist, currently working as a Clinical Assistant Professor in the Department of Radiology at the University of Texas Health Science Center, San Antonio. My areas of special interest include Craniocervical Trauma, Epilepsy and Stroke Imaging. I perform minimally invasive, nonvascular procedures such as Spinal Myelograms and Lumbar punctures guided by fluoroscopy. I also perform Clinical Research. I certainly enjoy teaching and mentoring medical students, residents, and fellows on a daily basis, where our prompt imaging diagnosis makes a difference, changing the treatment and outcome of diverse Emergent Neurological and Neurosurgical conditions.

    Since I started working at the University Hospital, I have been giving annual internal lectures to different Emergency specialties - including Radiology Emergency Fellows, Radiology Residents, Emergency Medicine Residents, Medical Students and the Radiology Interest Group. I have been also invited as a Guest Lecturer outside our institution, in national and international meetings. Additionally I am a consultant for the private company Biodynamic Research Corporation (BRC), a professional services firm specializing in biomechanical analysis and accident reconstruction.

    I have been part of the University Hospital Epilepsy Board since 2013, where multiple neuroscience specialists -including but not limited to Neurology (Epilepsy, Neurophysiology), Neurosurgery, Neuropsychology and Neuroradiology-, meet every week to discuss complicated cases and define conducts, as well as patient prognosis. My role in this meeting is critical since I am the sole Radiology presenter, to explain and define all the imaging abnormalities in each of the evaluated cases, including interpretations of: CT?s, CT Angio?s, MRI?s, MR Angio?s, PET?s, SPECT?s and Functional Brain MRI?s. My interpretation is fundamental for clinical and surgical guidance of many complex imaging abnormalities.

    I have been part of each of the University Hospital Stroke Committees as the sole Neuroradiology presenter, since the Primary Stroke Accreditation (2010-2014) as well as the current Comprehensive Stroke Certification Steering committee (2015). From the Neuroradiology perspective I am directly involved in the timely interpretation and communication of results from all kinds of Stroke Imaging modalities, such as Head CT?s, CT Angio?s head and Neck, MRI Brain, MR Angio?s head and Neck, and CT Perfusions. Our interpretations change radically prognosis and quality of life.
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  • Doctor of Medicine, University of Antioquia 2007
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  • Maria Del Pilar Valencia Velez