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2017 First principles study of Cr poisoning in solid oxide fuel cell cathodes: Application to (La,Sr) CoO3Computational Materials Science.  137:6-9. 2017
2016 Effects of moisture on (La, A)MnO3 (A = Ca, Sr, and Ba) solid oxide fuel cell cathodes: A first-principles and experimental studyJournal of Materials Chemistry A.  4:5605-5615. 2016
2016 Performance and post-test characterization of an OTM system in an experimental coal gasifierApplied Energy.  165:72-80. 2016
2015 Processing and electrochemical performance of manganese-doped lanthanum-strontium chromite in oxidizing and reducing atmospheresInternational Journal of Hydrogen Energy.  40:13479-13489. 2015
2015 Hybrid electrodes by in-situ integration of graphene and carbon-nanotubes in polypyrrole for supercapacitorsScientific Reports.  5. 2015
2015 Cationic surface segregation in doped LaMnO3Journal of Materials Science.  50:3051-3056. 2015
2015 Performance regeneration in lanthanum strontium manganite cathode during exposure to H2O and CO2 containing ambient air atmospheresJournal of the Ceramic Society of Japan.  123:199-204. 2015
2015 Lanthanum chromite based perovskites for oxygen transport membrane 2015
2014 Effect of CO2 on the stability of strontium doped lanthanum manganite cathodeJournal of Power Sources.  268:404-413. 2014
2014 Direct methanol utilization in intermediate temperature liquid-tin anode solid oxide fuel cellsApplied Energy.  134:342-348. 2014
2014 Stability of strontium-doped lanthanum manganite cathode in humidified airJournal of Power Sources.  248:196-204. 2014
2013 Electrical conductivity of manganese doped yttria (8 mol%) stabilized zirconiaSolid State Ionics.  253:223-226. 2013
2013 Phase transformation, thermal expansion and electrical conductivity of lanthanum chromiteMaterials Research Bulletin.  48:3262-3267. 2013
2013 Mitigation of the delamination of LSM anode in solid oxide electrolysis cells using manganese-modified YSZInternational Journal of Hydrogen Energy.  38:6298-6303. 2013
2013 Sintering of porous strontium doped lanthanum manganite-yttria stabilized zirconia composite in controlled oxygen atmosphere at 1400 °cJournal of Power Sources.  221:57-63. 2013
2012 LSM-YSZ interactions and anode delamination in solid oxide electrolysis cellsInternational Journal of Hydrogen Energy.  37:16776-16785. 2012
2012 Manganese induced modifications in yttria stabilized zirconiaApplied Physics Letters.  101. 2012
2012 Role of oxygen pressure on the stability of lanthanum strontium manganite-yttria stabilized zirconia compositeJournal of the European Ceramic Society.  32:2341-2349. 2012
2011 Sealing evaluation of an alkaline earth silicate glass for solid oxide fuel/electrolyser cells 2011
2011 Effect of atmosphere on interconnect-seal glass interaction for solid oxide fuel/electrolyzer cellsJournal of the American Ceramic Society.  94:875-885. 2011
2011 Seal glass compatibility with bare and (Mn,Co)3O4 coated Crofer 22 APU alloy in different atmospheresJournal of Power Sources.  196:700-708. 2011
2010 Seal glass compatibility with bare and (Mn,Co)3O4 coated AISI 441 alloy in solid oxide fuel/electrolyzer cell atmospheresInternational Journal of Hydrogen Energy.  35:11908-11917. 2010
2010 Seal glass for solid oxide fuel cellsJournal of Power Sources.  195:7129-7139. 2010
2010 Compatibility of a seal glass with (Mn,Co)3O4 coated interconnects: Effect of atmosphereInternational Journal of Hydrogen Energy.  35:7945-7956. 2010
2010 Glass-based seals for solid oxide fuel and electrolyzer cells - A review 2010
2010 Thermochemical compatibility of a seal glass with different solid oxide cell components 2010
2009 Interfacial study of Crofer 22 APU interconnect-SABS-0 seal glass for solid oxide fuel/electrolyzer cellsJournal of Materials Science.  44:5569-5578. 2009
2009 Network structure and thermal property of a novel high temperature seal glassApplied Physics A: Materials Science and Processing.  95:493-500. 2009
2008 Effects of nickel on network structure and thermal properties of a new solid oxide cell seal glassJournal of Power Sources.  185:993-1000. 2008
2008 Network structure and thermal stability study of high temperature seal glassJournal of Applied Physics.  104. 2008
2008 Thermophysical properties and devitrification of SrO-La2O3-Al2O3-B2O3-SiO2-based glass sealant for solid oxide fuel/electrolyzer cellsJournal of Power Sources.  179:106-112. 2008
2003 Optical and electrochromic properties of sol-gel WO3 films on conducting glassMaterials Letters.  57:4429-4432. 2003
2003 Alumina and silica sols as binders in a typical ULC castableTransactions of the Indian Ceramic Society.  62:106-111. 2003
2002 Easy-to-use mullite and spinel sols as bonding agents in a high-alumina based ultra low cement castableCeramics International.  28:719-729. 2002
Fabrictaion and experimental analysis of axially oriented nanofibersJournal of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology.  15:1-9.


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2013 Fuel Cells. Energy Conversion Technology..  511-547. 2013

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  • Manoj Mahapatra