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2019 Impact of ET-1 and sex in glomerular hyperfiltration in humanized sickle cell miceClinical Science.  133:1475-1486. 2019
2019 Dynamic changes in histone deacetylases following kidney ischemia-reperfusion injury are critical for promoting proximal tubule proliferationAJP - Renal Physiology.  316:F875-F888. 2019
2019 Tauroursodeoxycholic acid (TUDCA) abolishes chronic high salt-induced renal injury and inflammationActa Physiologica Scandinavica.  226. 2019
2019 Hyperfiltration during early childhood precedes albuminuria in pediatric sickle cell nephropathyAmerican Journal of Hematology.  94:417-423. 2019
2019 Combined hydroxyurea and ET A receptor blockade reduces renal injury in the humanized sickle cell mouseActa Physiologica Scandinavica.  225. 2019
2019 Hyperfiltration predicts long-term renal outcomes in humanized sickle cell miceBlood Advances.  3:1460-1475. 2019
2018 A more direct way to measure glomerular albumin permeability—even in human glomeruli!Kidney International.  93:1035-1037. 2018
2018 Diurnal pattern in skin Na+and water content is associated with salt-sensitive hypertension in ETBreceptor-deficient ratsAJP - Regulatory, Integrative and Comparative Physiology.  314:R544-R551. 2018
2018 High dietary sodium causes dyssynchrony of the renal molecular clock in ratsAJP - Renal Physiology.  314:F89-F98. 2018
2017 Renal denervation attenuates hypertension but not salt sensitivity in ETB receptor-deficient ratsAJP - Regulatory, Integrative and Comparative Physiology.  313:R425-R437. 2017
2017 Interplay between renal endothelin and purinergic signaling systemsAJP - Renal Physiology.  313:F666-F668. 2017
2017 Long-term endothelin-a receptor antagonism provides robust renal protection in humanized sickle cell disease miceJournal of the American Society of Nephrology.  28:2443-2458. 2017
2017 Ovariectomy uncovers purinergic receptor activation of endothelin-dependent natriuresisAJP - Renal Physiology.  313:F361-F369. 2017
2017 Insulin increases filtration barrier permeability via TRPC6-dependent activation of PKGIα signaling pathwaysBBA - Molecular Basis of Disease.  1863:1312-1325. 2017
2016 Endothelin receptor antagonists in sickle cell disease: A promising new therapeutic approachLife Sciences.  159:15-19. 2016
2016 Activation of purinergic receptors (P2) in the renal medulla promotes endothelin-dependent natriuresis in male ratsAJP - Renal Physiology.  311:F260-F267. 2016
2016 Extracellular purines’ action on glomerular albumin permeability in isolated rat glomeruli: Insights into the pathogenesis of albuminuriaAJP - Renal Physiology.  311:F103-F111. 2016
2016 Intracellular calcium signaling regulates glomerular filtration barrier permeability: the role of the PKGIα-dependent pathwayFEBS Letters.  1739-1748. 2016
2016 Involvement of P2 receptors in regulation of glomerular permeability to albumin by extracellular nucleotides of intra-/extra-glomerular originsJournal of Physiology and Pharmacology.  67:177-183. 2016
2016 Endothelin-1 and the kidney: New perspectives and recent findingsCurrent Opinion in Nephrology and Hypertension.  25:35-41. 2016
2015 Insulin increases glomerular filtration barrier permeability through PKGIα-dependent mobilization of BKCa channels in cultured rat podocytesBBA - Molecular Basis of Disease.  1852:1599-1609. 2015
2013 Insulin increases glomerular filtration barrier permeability through dimerization of protein kinase G type Iα subunitsBBA - Molecular Basis of Disease.  1832:791-804. 2013
2012 Chronic renal denervation increases renal tubular response to P2X receptor agonists in rats: Implication for renal sympathetic nerve ablationNephrology Dialysis Transplantation.  27:3443-3448. 2012

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