• Infectious diseases doctor
    Global health researcher based in Africa
    HIV and viral hepatitis expert
    Mentor and trainer of trainers in public health, clinical medicine, and clinical research
  • Selected Publications

    Academic Article

    Year Title Altmetric
    2021 TREAT-B: Simple low-cost diagnostic score for when to treat hepatitis BClinical Infectious Diseases.  73:E1078-E1079. 2021
    2021 Variations in the characteristics and outcomes of children living with HIV following universal ART in sub-Saharan Africa (2006–17): a retrospective cohort studyLancet HIV.  8:e353-e362. 2021
    2020 Hepatosplenic schistosomiasis in Zambian adults is characterized by increased liver stiffness: A nested case-control studyHeliyon.  6. 2020
    2020 Characterizing the double-sided cascade of care for adolescents living with HIV transitioning to adulthood across Southern AfricaJournal of the International AIDS Society.  23. 2020
    2020 Propranolol reduces portal vein diameter in schistosomal liver disease with portal hypertension: A prospective cohort studyAmerican Journal of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene.  102:832-837. 2020
    2019 Human Immunodeficiency Virus Type 1 RNA Detected in the Central Nervous System (CNS) after Years of Suppressive Antiretroviral Therapy Can Originate from a Replicating CNS Reservoir or Clonally Expanded CellsClinical Infectious Diseases.  69:1345-1352. 2019
    2019 Temporal trends in co-trimoxazole use among children on antiretroviral therapy and the impact of co-trimoxazole on mortality rates in children without severe immunodeficiencyJournal of the Pediatric Infectious Diseases Society.  8:450-460. 2019
    2019 Hepatitis B Therapy as HIV Prevention in Africa: A Case Series From ZambiaHepatology.  69:458-460. 2019
    2018 High prevalence of binge drinking among people living with HIV in four African countriesJournal of the International AIDS Society.  21. 2018
    2018 Mortality and losses to follow-up among adolescents living with HIV in the IeDEA global cohort collaborationJournal of the International AIDS Society.  21. 2018
    2018 Global temporal changes in the proportion of children with advanced disease at the start of combination antiretroviral therapy in an era of changing criteria for treatment initiationJournal of the International AIDS Society.  21. 2018
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    Research Overview

  • My research focuses on 3 areas:

    #1 Hepatitis B virus infection in sub-Saharan Africa: I want to better understanding the natural history of the infection, disease co-factors, diagnostics, and accelerating elimination through scale-up of treatment and discovery of new therapeutics. My research on HBV occurs in sub-Saharan Africa where there are distinct viral genotypes and where integration with the HIV response offers significant opportunities.

    #2 Nexus of Alcohol and HIV: I want to understand how alcohol undermines efforts at HIV epidemic control, develop sustainable and effective alcohol reduction treatment for people living with HIV, and advance the use of alcohol biomarkers, which reduce measurement issues.

    #3 Inpatient and post-discharge HIV care in sub-Saharan Africa: I want to develop individualized and health system interventions to improve HIV care at the point of hospitalization and in the post-discharge period.
  • Principal Investigator On

  • Application of Implementation Science Approaches to Assess the Effectiveness of Task-shifted WHO-PEN to Address Cardiometabolic Complications in People Living with HIV in Zambia  awarded by Centre for Infectious Disease Research in Zambia (CIDRZ)
  • Evaluating Implementation Strategies to Scale-Up Transdiagnostic Evidence-Based Mental Health Care in Zambia  awarded by Centre for Infectious Disease Research in Zambia (CIDRZ)
  • Feasibility and Preliminary Effectiveness of a Transdiagnostic Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Treatment Approach for Alcohol Misuse Integrated Within HIV Care in Zambia  awarded by Johns Hopkins University
  • Feasibility and Preliminary Efficacy of a Transdiagnostic Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Treatment Approach for Alcohol Misuse Integrated Within HIV Care in Zambia  awarded by Columbia University
  • Feasibility of an Integrated Intervention to Reduce Advanced HIV Disease Mortality among Hospitalized Adults in Zambia  awarded by National Institute of Mental Health/NIH/DHHS
  • HVTN 705 Protocol Funds  awarded by Hutchinson (Fred) Cancer Research Center
  • Impact of Antiretroviral Therapy on Liver Fibrosis in Zambian HIV/HBV Patients  awarded by Fogarty International Center/NIH/DHHS
  • Management of HEP Cohort  awarded by UNIVERSITY OF BERN
  • Mechanisms of HBV Functional Cure During Tenofovir-based ART in HIV/HBV Coinfection  awarded by National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases/NIH/DHHS
  • Private Grant  awarded by Gilead Sciences ^
  • Re-Engagement at Discharge (Re-Charge): Improving Post-Hospital Outcomes for HIV-infected Adults in Zambia  awarded by University of Maryland
  • UAB Center for AIDS Research - Care Cascade and Discharge Outcomes of Hospitalized HIV + Aambians  awarded by National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases/NIH/DHHS
  • Zambia Alabama HIV Alcohol Comorbidities Program (ZAMBAMA) - CHARTZ  awarded by National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism/NIH/DHHS
  • Teaching Overview

  • I serve as a teaching medicine attending at UAB hospital, I mentor global health-oriented students through the UAB Sparkman Center and medical students at UAB medical school. I also serve as a mentor for numerous public health practitioners and junior investigators at Center for Infectious Disease Research in Zambia (www.cidrz.org) and for masters and PhD students at University of Zambia.
  • Education And Training

  • Rush Medical College of Rush University, Residency
  • University of North Carolina Hospital Medicine, Postdoctoral Fellowship
  • Doctor of Medicine, Loyola University Chicago 2006
  • Bachelor of Science or Mathematics in Biology, University of Illinois System : Urbana-Champaign 2001
  • Full Name

  • Michael Vinikoor