Selected Publications

Academic Article

Year Title Altmetric
2020 Mechanisms and microbial influences on CTLA-4 and PD-1-based immunotherapy in the treatment of cancer: A narrative reviewGut Pathogens.  12. 2020
2020 Addressing inequities in COVID-19 morbidity and mortality: research and policy recommendationsTranslational Behavioral Medicine.  10:516-519. 2020
2020 Elucidating the role of the gastrointestinal microbiota in racial and ethnic health disparitiesGenome Biology.  21. 2020
2020 Biobehavioural approaches to prevention and treatment: A call for implementation science in obesity researchObesity Science and Practice.  6:3-9. 2020
2020 Comparison of the gut microbiome composition among individuals with acute or long-standing spinal cord injury vs. able-bodied controlsJournal of Spinal Cord Medicine2020
2019 Heavy Hunger - Managing Weight and Obesity in Black American Communities 2019
2019 Preliminary feasibility for recruiting and retaining black and white females to provide fecal samples for longitudinal researchGut Pathogens.  11. 2019
2019 A Seat at the Table: Strategic Engagement in Service Activities for Early-Career Faculty From Underrepresented Groups in the AcademyAcademic Medicine.  94:1089-1093. 2019
2019 Body image and dissatisfaction among rural Deep South African American women in a weight loss interventionJournal of Health Psychology.  24:1167-1177. 2019
2019 Reasons for Late-Night Eating and Willingness to Change:A Qualitative Study in Pregnant Black Women 2019
2019 Perceptions of a breast cancer survivorship intervention: Pearls of wisdom from young african American womenJournal of Adolescent and Young Adult Oncology.  8:165-171. 2019
2019 Life after breast cancer: ‘Being’ a young African American survivorEthnicity and Health2019
2018 Associations between Race, Perceived Psychological Stress, and the Gut Microbiota in a Sample of Generally Healthy Black and White Women: A Pilot Study on the Role of Race and Perceived Psychological StressPsychosomatic Medicine.  80:640-648. 2018
2018 The Neonatal Microbiome and Its Partial Role in Mediating the Association between Birth by Cesarean Section and Adverse Pediatric Outcomes 2018
2018 Dietary Patterns Among Overweight and Obese African-American Women Living in the Rural SouthJournal of Racial and Ethnic Health Disparities.  5:141-150. 2018
2018 Assessment of the nutrition environment in rural counties in the Deep SouthJournal of Nutritional Science2018
2017 What Are Optimal Cesarean Section Rates in the U.S. and How Do We Get There? A Review of Evidence-Based Recommendations and InterventionsJournal of Women's Health.  26:1285-1291. 2017
2017 Longitudinal Analysis of Nut-Inclusive Diets and Body Mass Index Among Overweight and Obese African American Women Living in Rural Alabama and Mississippi, 2011-2013 2017
2017 Weight loss and improved metabolic outcomes amongst rural African American women in the Deep South: six-month outcomes from a community-based randomized trialJournal of Internal Medicine.  282:102-113. 2017
2017 Lower depression scores associated with greater weight loss among rural black women in a behavioral weight loss programTranslational Behavioral Medicine.  7:320-329. 2017
2016 The Activity Support Scale for Multiple Groups (ACTS-MG): Child-reported Physical Activity Parenting in African American and Non-Hispanic White Families 2016
2015 A study of the relationship between food group recommendations and perceived stress: Findings from black women in the deep southJournal of Obesity.  2015. 2015
2014 Dietary interventions and quality of life: A systematic review of the literature 2014
2014 Assessing environmental support for better health: Active living opportunity audits in rural communities in the southern United StatesPreventive Medicine.  66:28-33. 2014
2014 Association of run-in periods with weight loss in obesity randomized controlled trialsObesity Reviews.  15:68-73. 2014
2014 Considerations for bio-specimen collection among black women residing in the rural Deep South participating in a cancer prevention studyJournal of Community Genetics.  5:257-263. 2014
2014 Differences in weight loss and health outcomes among African Americans and whites in multicentre trialsObesity Reviews.  15:46-61. 2014
2014 Relationship between social support and body mass index among overweight and obese African American women in the rural Deep South, 2011-2013 2014
2013 Examining social influence on participation and outcomes among a network of behavioral weight-loss intervention enrolleesJournal of Obesity.  2013. 2013
2013 Stress Management-Augmented Behavioral Weight Loss Intervention for African American Women: A Pilot, Randomized Controlled TrialHealth Education and Behavior.  40:78-87. 2013
2013 Cultural perceptions of weight in African American and Caucasian womenAmerican Journal of Health Behavior.  37:3-13. 2013
2012 Examining the Association Between Body Mass Index and Weight Related Quality of Life in Black and White WomenApplied Research in Quality of Life.  7:309-322. 2012
2011 Attitudes and beliefs associated with leisure-time physical activity among African American adultsEthnicity and Disease.  21:63-67. 2011
2011 Body image as a mediator of the relationship between body mass index and weight-related quality of life in black womenJournal of Women's Health.  20:1573-1578. 2011
2011 Stressful life events and behavior change: A qualitative examination of African American women's participation in a weight loss program 2011
2011 Measuring parental support for children's physical activity in white and African American parents: The Activity Support Scale for Multiple Groups (ACTS-MG)Preventive Medicine.  52:39-43. 2011
2010 Body Image and Quality of Life in a Group of African American Women 2010
2010 A study of a culturally enhanced EatRight dietary intervention in a predominately African American workplaceJournal of Public Health Management and Practice.  16. 2010
2010 Fruit and Vegetable Pricing by Demographic Factors in the Birmingham, Alabama, Metropolitan Area, 2004-2005 2010
2008 Using formative research to develop a worksite health promotion program for African American women 2008
2007 Physical activity patterns during weight maintenance following a low-energy density dietary intervention 2007


Year Title Altmetric
2014 Body image as a contributor to weight in pregnancy and postpartum: Racial differences.  121-155. 2014

Education And Training

  • Doctor of Philosophy in Epidemiology, University of Alabama at Birmingham 2010
  • Master of Public Health in Epidemiology, University of Alabama at Birmingham 2005
  • Bachelor of Science or Mathematics in Biology, Florida State University 2002
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  • Tiffany Carson