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2019 Induced pluripotent stem cells for neural drug discovery 2019
2019 A comprehensive iterative approach is highly effective in diagnosing individuals who are exome negative 2019
2019 Generation of an induced pluripotent stem cell line (TRNDi002-B) from a patient carrying compound heterozygous p.Q208X and p.G310G mutations in the NGLY1 gene 2019
2018 Erratum: IRF2BPL Is Associated with Neurological Phenotypes (The American Journal of Human Genetics (2018) 103(2) (245–260), (S0002929718302337) (10.1016/j.ajhg.2018.07.006)) 2018
2018 Characteristics of undiagnosed diseases network applicants: Implications for referring providers 2018
2018 A comprehensive approach to identifying repurposed drugs to treat SCN8A epilepsy 2018
2018 Looking beyond the exome: A phenotype-first approach to molecular diagnostic resolution in rare and undiagnosed diseases 2018
2018 Plain-language medical vocabulary for precision diagnosis /692/700/478 /631/208/1516 correspondence 2018
2018 Transcriptome and functional analysis in a Drosophila model of NGLY1 deficiency provides insight into therapeutic approaches 2018
2018 Biallelic Mutations in ATP5F1D, which Encodes a Subunit of ATP Synthase, Cause a Metabolic Disorder 2018
2018 Abstract allocation as a unified approach to polyvariance in control-flow analyses 2018
2017 MARRVEL: Integration of Human and Model Organism Genetic Resources to Facilitate Functional Annotation of the Human Genome 2017
2017 Nebo: An efficient, parallel, and portable domain-specific language for numerically solving partial differential equations 2017
2017 A Syndromic Neurodevelopmental Disorder Caused by De Novo Variants in EBF3 2017
2017 Model organisms facilitate rare disease diagnosis and therapeutic research 2017
2017 Repurposing of Proton Pump Inhibitors as first identified small molecule inhibitors of endo-β-N-acetylglucosaminidase (ENGase) for the treatment of NGLY1 deficiency, a rare genetic disease 2017
2017 What happens when N = 1 and you want plus 1? 2017
2016 De Novo Truncating Variants in ASXL2 Are Associated with a Unique and Recognizable Clinical Phenotype 2016
2016 On the complexity and performance of parsing with derivatives 2016
2016 Pushdown control-flow analysis for free 2016
2015 Galois transformers and modular abstract interpreters reusable metatheory for program analysis 2015
2015 AnaDroid: Malware analysis of Android with user-supplied predicates 2015
2015 Participant-Driven Matchmaking in the Genomic Era 2015
2014 The shifting model in clinical diagnostics: how next-generation sequencing and families are altering the way rare diseases are discovered, studied, and treated 2014
2014 Deletion: The curse of the red-black tree 2014
2014 Pruning, pushdown exception-flow analysis 2014
2014 Pushdown flow analysis with abstract garbage collection 2014
2013 Sound and precise malware analysis for Android via pushdown reachability and entry-point saturation 2013
2013 Optimizing abstract abstract machines 2013
2012 Introspective pushdown analysis of higher-order programs 2012
2012 Systematic abstraction of abstract machines 2012
2011 A family of abstract interpretations for static analysis of concurrent higher-order programs 2011
2011 Abstracting abstract machines: A systematic approach to higher-order program analysis 2011
2010 Abstracting abstract machines 2010
2008 Exploiting reachability and cardinality in higher-order flow analysis 2008
2007 Analyzing the environment structure of higher-order languages using frame strings 2007
2006 Improving flow analyses via γCFA abstract garbage collection and counting 2006
2006 Environment analysis via ΔCFA 2006


Year Title Altmetric
2012 Preface.  Ed. 287.  2012

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