Selected Publications

Academic Article

Year Title Altmetric
2009 Pandemic influenza: Emergency planning and community preparednessTaylor and Francis CRC Press2009
2006 Palliative care costs in a rural areaSouthern Business and Economic Journal2006
2006 Training the nation's responders for pandemic influenza: A Department of Homeland Security planning and preparedness initiativeJournal of Emergency Management2006
2003 A unique palliative care model for HIV + patients in a rural settingProceedings of the 38th Annual Education Conference for the Natioal Society for Social Work Leadership in Health Care2003
2001 Shortages and solutions. Looking closely at nursing workforce issues. 2001
1997 Responding to the futureJSU Nursing Alumni News1997
1995 Technological advances in education: Distance educationDVII Happenings1995
1995 Use of power in leadershipDVII Happenings1995
1993 Third party reimbursement of mammography screeningsAlabama Health News1993
1991 Domestic violence: A nursing intervention modelASNA Reporter1991
1991 Idle RNS not a solution to the nursing shortageAlabama Health News1991
1991 The battered womanNursing Alumni News1991
1991 Tobacco use study among sixth, seventh, and eight grade students is subject of study in AlabamaAlabama's Health1991
1990 Tobacco use in school age childrenAlabama Academy of Science1990
1989 How OGNP's make practice changes: A national studyJournal of the American Academy of Nurse Practitioners1989
1989 Self-esteem in the kindergarten childThe Journal of the Alabama Academy of Science1989
1988 Continuing education practices of CRNP in AlabamaAlabama Journal of Medical Sciences1988
1987 Nurse Educator Views of Assignment of Authorship CreditsJournal of Nursing Scholarship.  19:134-137. 1987

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  • Martha Lavender