Selected Publications

Academic Article

Year Title Altmetric
2021 Intramuscular Tenosynovial Giant Cell Tumor Harboring a Novel CSF1-CD96 Fusion TranscriptInternational Journal of Surgical Pathology.  106689692110498-106689692110498. 2021
2021 Prognostic Significance of Subungual Anatomic Site in Acral Lentiginous MelanomaArchives of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine.  145:943-952. 2021
2021 A Most Unusual Polyposis.Gastroenterology2021
2021 Abstracts from USCAP 2021: Gastrointestinal Pathology (311-404).Modern Pathology.  34:501-620. 2021
2021 Prognostic significance of acral lentiginous histologic type in T1 melanomaModern Pathology.  34:572-583. 2021
2020 Dermatopathology in endocrine diseaseDiagnostic Histopathology.  26:224-232. 2020
2020 Abstracts from USCAP 2020: Dermatopathology (459-522).Modern Pathology.  33:602-671. 2020
2020 Third Line Eribulin for Triple-negative Metastatic Breast Ductal Carcinoma Resulting in Extended Progression-free Survival of 57 Months.Cureus.  12:e6980. 2020
2020 Cutaneous neoplasms composed of melanoma and carcinoma: A rare but important diagnostic pitfall and review of the literature.Journal of Cutaneous Pathology.  47:36-46. 2020
2020 Luna stain: a simple and cost-effective diagnostic tool helps in detecting eosinophilic granules deposition of flame figures and aids in diagnosing eosinophilic cellulitis “Wells Syndrome”Journal of Histotechnology.  43:196-199. 2020
2019 Immunohistochemical and Molecular Features of Melanomas Exhibiting Intratumor and Intertumor Histomorphologic Heterogeneity.Cancers.  11. 2019
2019 Common Cutaneous Neoplasms in Patients with Immunodeficiency: A Case Series 2019
2018 Abstracts and Case Studies From the College of American Pathologists 2018 Annual Meeting (CAP18).Archives of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine.  142:e2-e202. 2018
2016 Abstracts and Case Studies From the College of American Pathologists 2016 Annual Meeting (CAP16).Archives of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine.  140:e2-e244. 2016
2015 Acquired cutis laxa associated with cutaneous mastocytosis.Dermatology Online Journal.  21. 2015
2015 DermatopathologyModern Pathology.  28:115-128. 2015
2015 DermatopathologyLaboratory Investigation.  95:115-128. 2015


Year Title Altmetric
2017 Dermatoses with Minimal Epidermal Changes.  121-139. 2017
2017 Keratinous Cysts and Hamartomas.  481-503. 2017

Research Overview

  • The molecular singuture of soft tissue and melanocytic neoplasms
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  • Haider Mejbel