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2019 Loss of FOXP3 and TSC1 accelerates prostate cancer progression through synergistic transcriptional and posttranslational regulation of c-Myc 2019
2018 FOXP3 activates SUMO-conjugating UBC9 gene in MCF7 breast cancer cells 2018
2017 MicroRNA-200c and microRNA- 141 are regulated by a FOXP3-KAT2B axis and associated with tumor metastasis in breast cancer 2017
2017 CD24 is a genetic modifier for risk and progression of prostate cancer 2017
2016 Sema6D acts downstream of bone morphogenetic protein signalling to promote atrioventricular cushion development in mice. 2016
2016 Cinobufagin inhibits tumor growth by inducing intrinsic apoptosis through AKT signaling pathway in human nonsmall cell lung cancer cells 2016
2016 Silencing of CD24 enhances the PRIMA-1-induced restoration of mutant p53 in prostate cancer cells 2016
2016 CD24 genetic variants contribute to overall survival in patients with gastric cancer 2016
2016 The Key Regulator for Language and Speech Development, FOXP2, is a Novel Substrate for SUMOylation 2016
2015 FOXP3 controls an MIR-146/NF-κB negative feedback loop that inhibits apoptosis in breast cancer cells 2015
2015 FOXP3-MIR-146-NF-κB axis and therapy for precancerous lesions in prostate 2015
2015 Intracellular CD24 disrupts the ARF-NPM interaction and enables mutational and viral oncogene-mediated p53 inactivation 2015
2015 FOXP3-microRNA-146-NF-κB as oncotarget 2015
2015 SEMA6D expression and patient survival in breast invasive carcinoma 2015
2014 SUMOylation of FOXM1B alters its transcriptional activity on regulation of MiR-200 family and JNK1 in MCF7 human breast cancer cells 2014
2014 The growth inhibitory effect of 17-DMAG on ALK and MYCN double-positive neuroblastoma cell line 2014
2013 Acidic residue Glu199 increases SUMOylation level of nuclear hormone receptor NR5A1 2013
2013 IPEX Syndrome, FOXP3 and Cancer. 2013
2013 FOXP3 Regulates Sensitivity of Cancer Cells to Irradiation by Transcriptional Repression of BRCA1 2013
2013 SUMOylation of ATF3 alters its transcriptional activity on regulation of TP53 gene 2013
2012 Inactivation of X-linked tumor suppressor genes in human cancer 2012
2012 A hypermorphic SP1-binding CD24 variant associates with risk and progression of multiple sclerosis 2012
2011 FOXP3 orchestrates H4K16 acetylation and H3K4 trimethylation for activation of multiple genes by recruiting MOF and causing displacement of PLU-1. 2011
2011 Identification of a Tumor Suppressor Relay between the FOXP3 and the Hippo Pathways in Breast and Prostate Cancers 2011
2010 Association Between Hepatitis B Viral Burden in Chronic Infection and a Functional Single Nucleotide Polymorphism of the PDCD1 Gene 2010
2010 Signalling through FOXP3 as an X-linked tumor suppressor 2010
2010 Synergistic Activation of the Mc2r Promoter by FOXL2 and NR5A1 in Mice1 2010
2010 X-linked tumor suppressors: perplexing inheritance, a unique therapeutic opportunity 2010
2009 Somatic single hits inactivate the X-linked tumor suppressor FOXP3 in the prostate. 2009
2009 Targeting lymphotoxin-mediated negative selection to prevent prostate cancer in mice with genetic predisposition 2009
2009 CD24 polymorphisms affect risk and progression of chronic hepatitis B virus infection 2009
2009 FOXP3 Up-regulates p21 Expression by Site-Specific Inhibition of Histone Deacetylase 2/Histone Deacetylase 4 Association to the Locus 2009
2008 Laforin Negatively Regulates Cell Cycle Progression through Glycogen Synthase Kinase 3β-Dependent Mechanisms 2008
2007 FOXP3 is an X-linked breast cancer suppressor gene and an important repressor of the HER-2/ErbB2 oncogene. 2007
2007 A Dinucleotide Deletion in CD24 Confers Protection against Autoimmune Diseases 2007
2006 Impact of IGF-I and CYP19 Gene Polymorphisms on the Survival of Patients With Metastatic Prostate Cancer 2006
2005 An A/G polymorphism of core 2 branching enzyme gene is associated with prostate cancer 2005
2005 CA repeat polymorphism in the insulin-like growth factor-I gene is associated with increased risk of prostate cancer and benign prostatic hyperplasia 2005
2004 Serum sex steroid hormone levels and polymorphisms of CYP17 and SRD5A2: implication for prostate cancer risk 2004
2004 Clinical characteristics of normotensive renal transplant recipients with microalbuminuria and effects of angiotensin II type I receptor antagonist on urinary albumin excretion 2004
2004 Polymorphism within the cyclin D1 gene is associated with an increased risk of carcinoma in situ in patients with superficial bladder cancer 2004
2003 Polymorphisms in prostate-specific antigen (PSA) gene, risk of prostate cancer, and serum PSA levels in Japanese population 2003
2003 Increased risk of prostate cancer and benign prostatic hyperplasia associated with transforming growth factor-beta 1 gene polymorphism at codon10 2003
2002 Cyclin D1 gene polymorphism is associated with an increased risk of urinary bladder cancer 2002
2002 Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms in the 3' Untranslated Region of Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor Gene in Japanese Population with or without Renal Cell Carcinoma. 2002
FOXP3 is a novel transcriptional repressor for the breast cancer oncogene SKP2

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  • Doctor of Science in Urology Residency Program, Akita University 2002
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  • Lizhong Wang