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2021 Overcoming Ethical Challenges to Engaging Men Who Have Sex with Women in HIV ResearchAIDS and Behavior2021
2020 Sexual Relationship Power and Periconception HIV-Risk Behavior Among HIV-Infected Men in Serodifferent RelationshipsAIDS and Behavior.  24:881-890. 2020
2020 Protocol for a prospective evaluation of postpartum engagement in HIV care among women living with HIV in South AfricaBMJ Open.  10. 2020
2019 High Rates of Biomarker-Confirmed Alcohol Use among Pregnant Women Living with HIV in South Africa and Uganda 2019
2019 A scoping review of interventions to address intimate partner violence in sub-Saharan African healthcareGlobal Public Health.  14:1335-1346. 2019
2019 High Incidence of Intended Partner Pregnancy Among Men Living With HIV in Rural Uganda: Implications for Safer Conception Services 2019
2019 Protocol for a longitudinal study to evaluate the use of tenofovir-based PrEP for safer conception and pregnancy among women in South AfricaBMJ Open.  9:e027227. 2019
2019 Biomarker-Measured Unhealthy Alcohol Use in Relation to CD4 Count Among Individuals Starting ART in Sub-Saharan AfricaAIDS and Behavior.  23:1656-1667. 2019
2019 Factors Associated with Pregnancy Intentions Amongst Postpartum Women Living with HIV in Rural Southwestern UgandaAIDS and Behavior.  23:1552-1560. 2019
2018 HIV Prevention Among Young Women in South Africa: Understanding Multiple Layers of Risk 2018
2018 Consensus statement: Supporting Safer Conception and Pregnancy For Men And Women Living with and Affected by HIVAIDS and Behavior.  22:1713-1724. 2018
2018 Developing a Safer Conception Intervention for Men Living with HIV in South AfricaAIDS and Behavior.  22:1725-1735. 2018
2018 Healthcare providers’ understanding of HIV serodiscordance in South Africa and Uganda: implications for HIV prevention in sub-Saharan AfricaAfrican Journal of AIDS Research.  17:137-144. 2018
2018 "i beg you...breastfeed the baby, things changed": Infant feeding experiences among Ugandan mothers living with HIV in the context of evolving guidelines to prevent postnatal transmissionBMC Public Health.  18. 2018
2017 Program Implementation of Option B+ at a President's Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief-Supported HIV Clinic Improves Clinical Indicators but Not Retention in Care in Mbarara, UgandaAIDS Patient Care and STDS.  31:335-341. 2017
2017 Understanding coping strategies during pregnancy and the postpartum period: A qualitative study of women living with HIV in rural UgandaBMC Pregnancy and Childbirth.  17. 2017
2017 Magnetic resonance elastography shear wave velocity correlates with liver fibrosis and hepatic venous pressure gradient in adults with advanced liver diseaseBioMed Research International.  2017. 2017
2017 The Role of Relationship Dynamics and Gender Inequalities As Barriers to HIV-Serostatus Disclosure: Qualitative Study among Women and Men Living with HIV in Durban, South Africa.Frontiers in Public Health.  5:188. 2017
2016 PrEP as Peri-conception HIV Prevention for Women and MenCurrent HIV/AIDS Reports.  13:131-139. 2016
2016 "i always worry about what might happen ahead": Implementing safer conception services in the current environment of reproductive counseling for HIV-affected men and women in UgandaBioMed Research International.  2016. 2016
2016 HIV-infected ugandan women on antiretroviral therapy maintain HIV-1 RNA suppression across periconception, pregnancy, and postpartum periods 2016
2015 Periconception HIV Risk Behavior Among Men and Women Reporting HIV-Serodiscordant Partners in KwaZulu-Natal, South AfricaAIDS and Behavior.  19:2291-2303. 2015
2015 “If I don’t use a condom … I would be stressed in my heart that I’ve done something wrong”: Routine Prevention Messages Preclude Safer Conception Counseling for HIV-Infected Men and Women in South AfricaAIDS and Behavior.  19:1666-1675. 2015
2015 The influence of partnership on contraceptive use among HIV-infected women accessing antiretroviral therapy in rural UgandaContraception.  92:152-159. 2015
2015 Inkwari: An Emerging High-Risk Place Potentiating HIV Spread Among Young Adults in a Hyper-Endemic South African Setting 2015
2015 Pioglitazone for Hepatic Steatosis in HIV/Hepatitis C Virus CoinfectionAIDS Research and Human Retroviruses.  31:961-966. 2015
2014 Depression during pregnancy and the postpartum among HIV-infected women on antiretroviral therapy in Uganda 2014
2014 Lost opportunities to reduce periconception HIV transmission: Safer conception counseling by South African providers addresses perinatal but not sexual HIV transmission 2014
2014 High medication adherence during periconception periods among HIV-1-uninfected women participating in a clinical trial of antiretroviral pre-exposure prophylaxis 2014
2014 South Africans with recent pregnancy rarely know partner's HIV serostatus: Implications for serodiscordant couples interventionsBMC Public Health.  14. 2014
2014 Pregnancy incidence and outcomes among women receiving preexposure prophylaxis for HIV prevention: A randomized clinical trial 2014
2014 Antiretroviral Therapy Helps HIV-Positive Women Navigate Social Expectations for and Clinical Recommendations against Childbearing in UgandaAIDS Research and Treatment.  2014. 2014
2014 Whoonga: Potential recreational use of HIV antiretroviral medication in South AfricaAIDS and Behavior.  18:511-518. 2014
2013 HIV-infected women on antiretroviral treatment have increased mortality during pregnant and postpartum periodsAIDS.  27. 2013
2013 Reproductive decision-making and periconception practices among HIV-positive men and women attending HIV services in Durban, South AfricaAIDS and Behavior.  17:461-470. 2013
2013 Erratum: Antiretrovirals and safer conception for HIV-serodiscordant couples (Current Opinion in HIV and AIDS (2012) 7 (569-578)Current Opinion in HIV and AIDS.  8:86. 2013
2012 Antiretrovirals and safer conception for HIV-serodiscordant couplesCurrent Opinion in HIV and AIDS.  7:569-578. 2012
2012 Contraceptive use and associated factors among women enrolling into HIV care in southwestern Uganda 2012
2012 Reproductive counseling by clinic healthcare workers in Durban, South Africa: Perspectives from HIV-infected men and women reporting serodiscordant partners 2012
2011 Birth weight for gestational age norms for a large cohort of infants born to HIV-negative women in Botswana compared with norms for U.S.-born black infantsBMC Pediatrics.  11. 2011
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2010 Outcomes after virologic failure of first-line ART in South AfricaAIDS.  24:1007-1012. 2010
2009 Strategies for harm reduction among HIV-affected couples who want to conceiveAIDS and Behavior.  13. 2009
2004 BAY 50-4798, a novel, high-affinity receptor-specific recombinant interleukin-2 analog, induces dose-dependent increases in CD25 expression and proliferation among unstimulated, human peripheral blood mononuclear cells in vitroClinical Immunology.  113:248-255. 2004

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  • Master of Public Health in Health Professions and Related Clinical Sciences, Harvard University 2011
  • Doctor of Medicine, Miami University 2004
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  • Lynn Matthews