• I received my bachelor’s in Microbiology from Miami University, in Oxford, OH in 2004. Thereafter, I started my graduate work at University of Cincinnati where I was focused on understanding endocrine adaptations to exercise and how exercise could be used to treat metabolic disease using animal models. I received my PhD in 2014 and started post-doctoral training at the University of Alabama at Birmingham. I completed an NIH T32 Post-doctoral training program with the UAB Center for Exercise Medicine, and then joined the Department of Medicine Gerontology, Geriatrics, and Palliative Care Division in 2016 as an NIH K12 IRACDA MERIT Scholar.

    Currently, I am an assistant professor in the Biomedical Sciences Program (BMD) in the Clinical and Diagnostic Sciences Department. I joined CDS in June of 2019. I have active clinical and education-based research programs that incorporate undergraduate student researchers. I also teach courses in BMD, specifically Clinical Biochemistry and Research Methods & Scientific Literacy. While I have spent the majority of my training and career focused on biomedical and health-related research in a variety of settings, my love and passion for teaching continues to blossom. Few things are as rewarding as helping students find the career path that is right for them.
  • Research Overview

  • Clinical Research: I am particularly interested in understanding the mechanisms driving chronic disability in older adults. Future work aims to test methods for reducing disability overtime by changing modifiable factors such as nutrition and mobility. Along similar lines, I am also interested in understanding how certain person-level characteristics can be protective against loss of physical function following hospitalization.

    Education Research: In collaboration with Samantha Giordano-Mooga, PhD, we are investigating the impact of undergraduate research experience on student development of key transferrable skills. Currently, we are actively engaged in a study to determine the range of activities that constitute undergraduate research, which will be instrumental in our cross-sectional and longitudinal analysis of the impact of research on student development.
  • Teaching Overview

  • I teach two undergraduate courses in BMD - Clinical Biochemistry and Research Methods & Scientific Literacy. I have also assisted in teaching the CDS 501 series, which are courses that focus on providing CDS graduate students with professional development guidance.

    BMD 380: Research Methods & Scientific Literacy (Spring 2019, Fall 2019, Spring 2020)
    BMD 410: Clinical Biochemistry (Fall 2019, Spring 2020)
    Assisted in CDS 501: Professional Skills I (Fall 2019)
  • Education And Training

  • Doctor of Philosophy in Biology / Biological Sciences, University of Cincinnati 2014
  • Bachelor of Arts in Microbiology, Miami University 2008
  • Full Name

  • Christine Loyd