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2020 Critical evaluation of animal models of visceral pain for therapeutics development: A focus on irritable bowel syndrome 2020
2020 Benzodiazepines Suppress Neuromodulatory Effects of Pudendal Nerve Stimulation on Rat Bladder Nociception 2020
2020 Medications used to treat bladder disorders may alter effects of neuromodulation 2020
2019 Neuromodulatory effects of pudendal nerve stimulation on bladder hypersensitivity are present in opioid-pretreated rats 2019
2019 Cystitis-induced bladder pain is toll-like receptor 4 dependent in a transgenic autoimmune cystitis murine model: A mapp research network animal study 2019
2018 Changes in brain white matter structure are associated with urine proteins in urologic chronic pelvic pain syndrome (UCPPS): A MAPP network study 2018
2018 Neonatal bladder inflammation alters the role of the central amygdala in hypersensitivity produced by Acute Footshock stress in adult female rats 2018
2018 Spinal mechanisms of pudendal nerve stimulation-induced inhibition of bladder hypersensitivity in rats 2018
2018 Urothelial bladder afferent neurons in the rat are anatomically and neurochemically distinct from non-urothelial afferents 2018
2018 Ethnic Differences Identified by Pain Sensitivity Questionnaire Correlate with Clinical Pain Responses 2018
2018 Incidence of venous air embolism during endoscopic retrograde cholangiopancreatography 2018
2017 Lesions of the central amygdala and ventromedial medulla reduce bladder hypersensitivity produced by acute but not chronic foot shock 2017
2017 Brain signature and functional impact of centralized pain: A multidisciplinary approach to the study of chronic pelvic pain (MAPP) network study 2017
2017 The effect of sedation on cortical activation: A randomized study comparing the effects of sedation with midazolam, propofol, and dexmedetomidine on auditory processing 2017
2016 Screening and Optimization of Nerve Targets and Parameters Reveals Inhibitory Effect of Pudendal Stimulation on Rat Bladder Hypersensitivity 2016
2016 Symptom Variability and Early Symptom Regression in the MAPP Study: A Prospective Study of Urological Chronic Pelvic Pain Syndrome 2016
2016 Electrophysiological properties of lumbosacral primary afferent neurons innervating urothelial and non-urothelial layers of mouse urinary bladder 2016
2016 Bladder Distension Increases Blood Flow in Pain Related Brain Structures in Subjects with Interstitial Cystitis 2016
2016 The Association between Progesterone, Estradiol, and Oxytocin and Heat Pain Measures in Pregnancy: An Observational Cohort Study 2016
2016 Multisite, multimodal neuroimaging of chronic urological pelvic pain: Methodology of the MAPP Research Network 2016
2015 Unique microstructural changes in the brain associated with urological chronic pelvic pain syndrome (UCPPS) revealed by diffusion tensor MRI, super-resolution track density imaging, and statistical parameter mapping: A MAPP network neuroimaging study 2015
2015 Serotonin enhances urinary bladder nociceptive processing via a 5-HT3 receptor mechanism 2015
2015 Intranasal oxytocin administration is associated with enhanced endogenous pain inhibition and reduced negative mood states 2015
2015 Altered resting state neuromotor connectivity in men with chronic prostatitis/chronic pelvic pain syndrome: A MAPP: Research Network Neuroimaging Study 2015
2015 Increased Brain Gray Matter in the Primary Somatosensory Cortex is Associated with Increased Pain and Mood Disturbance in Patients with Interstitial Cystitis/Painful Bladder Syndrome 2015
2015 Oxytocin-a multifunctional analgesic for chronic deep tissue pain 2015
2015 Sex differences in experimental measures of pain sensitivity and endogenous pain inhibition. 2015
2015 The amygdala central nucleus is required for acute stress-induced bladder hyperalgesia in a rat visceral pain model 2015
2015 Ultrasound-guided interventional procedures for chronic pain management 2015
2014 Urological chronic pelvic pain syndrome symptom flares: Characterisation of the full range of flares at two sites in the Multidisciplinary Approach to the Study of Chronic Pelvic Pain (MAPP) Research Network 2014
2014 The MAPP research network: A novel study of urologic chronic pelvic pain syndromes 2014
2014 An endogenous pain control system is altered in subjects with interstitial cystitis 2014
2014 Alterations in resting state oscillations and connectivity in sensory and motor networks in women with interstitial cystitis/painful bladder syndrome 2014
2014 Preliminary structural MRI based brain classification of chronic pelvic pain: A MAPP network study 2014
2014 Segmental hyperalgesia to mechanical stimulus in interstitial cystitis/bladder pain syndrome: Evidence of central sensitization 2014
2014 The MAPP research network: Design, patient characterization and operations 2014
2014 Urological symptoms in a subset of patients with urological chronic pelvic pain syndrome and a polysymptomatic, polysyndromic pattern of presentation 2014
2013 Validation of the english language pain sensitivity questionnaire 2013
2013 New directions in the treatment of pelvic pain. 2013
2013 Effect of sedation on pain perception 2013
2013 Early-in-life bladder inflammation alters U50,488H but not morphine-induced inhibition of visceromotor responses to urinary bladder distension 2013
2013 Early in life bladder inflammation alters opioid peptide content in the spinal cord and bladder of adult female rats 2013
2013 Not always lost in translation 2013
2012 Effects of nicotine on spinal cord injury pain vary among subtypes of pain and smoking status: Results from a randomized, controlled experiment 2012
2012 Quantitative changes in regional cerebral blood flow induced by cold, heat and ischemic pain: A continuous arterial spin labeling study 2012
2012 Intrathecal oxytocin inhibits visceromotor reflex and spinal neuronal responses to noxious distention of the rat urinary bladder 2012
2012 Assessment of locomotion in chlorine exposed mice by computer vision and neural networks 2012
2012 Effects of nicotine on spinal cord injury pain: A randomized, double-blind, placebo controlled crossover trial 2012
2012 Minimally invasive interventional therapy for Tarlov cysts causing symptoms of interstitial cystitis 2012
2011 Continuous infusion of bupivacaine for pain control after anterior iliac crest bone grafting for alveolar cleft repair in children 2011
2011 Activation of spinal extracellular signal-regulated kinases (ERK) 1/2 is associated with the development of visceral hyperalgesia of the bladder 2011
2011 Effects of acute adult and early-in-life bladder inflammation on bladder neuropeptides in adult female rats 2011
2011 Footshock stress differentially affects responses of two subpopulations of spinal dorsal horn neurons to urinary bladder distension in rats 2011
2010 Opioid blockade and inflammation reveal estrous cycle effects on visceromotor reflexes evoked by bladder distention 2010
2010 Impaired diffuse noxious inhibitory controls: An additional mechanism of pain in chronic pancreatitis? 2010
2010 Temporal characteristics of cold pain perception 2010
2010 Catastrophizing, Acceptance, and Interference: Laboratory Findings, Subjective Report, and Pain Willingness as a Moderator 2010
2010 Intravenous lidocaine reduces ischemic pain in healthy volunteers 2010
2010 Neonatal bladder inflammation alters activity of adult rat spinal visceral nociceptive neurons 2010
2010 Effect of Estrogen on Bladder Nociception in Rats 2010
2010 Neonatal Bladder Inflammation Produces Functional Changes and Alters Neuropeptide Content in Bladders of Adult Female Rats 2010
2010 Reply 2010
2009 Acute bladder inflammation differentially affects rat spinal visceral nociceptive neurons 2009
2009 Depressive symptoms and pain evaluations among persons with chronic pain: Catastrophizing, but not pain acceptance, shows significant effects 2009
2009 Effects of Oxytocin and Prolactin on Stress-Induced Bladder Hypersensitivity in Female Rats 2009
2009 Ice Water Testing Reveals Hypersensitivity in Adult Rats That Experienced Neonatal Bladder Inflammation: Implications for Painful Bladder Syndrome/Interstitial Cystitis 2009
2009 Emerging therapies and novel approaches to visceral pain 2009
2008 Ethics in pain management of persons with spinal cord injury 2008
2008 Footshock-Induced Urinary Bladder Hypersensitivity: Role of Spinal Corticotropin-Releasing Factor Receptors 2008
2008 Rostral Ventral Medulla Modulation of the Visceromotor Reflex Evoked by Urinary Bladder Distension in Female Rats 2008
2008 The Common in Boston 2008
2008 In response 2008
2007 Inflammation-Induced Enhancement of the Visceromotor Reflex to Urinary Bladder Distention: Modulation by Endogenous Opioids and the Effects of Early-in-Life Experience With Bladder Inflammation 2007
2007 Loss of cortical function in mice after decapitation, cervical dislocation, potassium chloride injection, and CO2 inhalation 2007
2007 Chronic psychological stress enhances nociceptive processing in the urinary bladder in high-anxiety rats 2007
2006 Multidimensional outcomes analysis of intrathecal, oral opioid, and behavioral-functional restoration therapy for failed back surgery syndrome: A retrospective study with 4 years' follow-up 2006
2006 Neonatal Urinary Bladder Inflammation Produces Adult Bladder Hypersensitivity 2006
2006 Which Spinal Cutaneous Nociceptive Neurons Are Inhibited by Intravenous Lidocaine in the Rat? 2006
2006 Characterization of thalamic neuronal responses to urinary bladder distention, including the effect of acute spinal lesions in the rat 2006
2006 Inflammation and enhanced nociceptive responses to bladder distension produced by intravesical zymosan in the rat 2006
2005 Visceral nociceptive input to the area of the medullary lateral reticular nucleus ascends in the lateral spinal cord 2005
2005 Morphine responses and experimental pain: Sex differences in side effects and cardiovascular responses but not analgesia 2005
2005 Effects of smoking on neuropathic pain in two people with spinal cord injury 2005
2005 Menstrual cycle affects bladder pain sensation in subjects with interstitial cystitis 2005
2005 Pelvic pain in women and men: Recent findings 2005
2005 Psychophysical evidence of hypersensitivity in subjects with interstitial cystitis 2005
2005 Sex-related psychological predictors of baseline pain perception and analgesic responses to pentazocine 2005
2005 The A118G single nucleotide polymorphism of the μ-opioid receptor gene (OPRM1) is associated with pressure pain sensitivity in humans 2005
2005 Visceral pain and life quality in persons with spinal cord injury: A brief report 2005
2004 Experimental Pain Models Reveal No Sex Differences in Pentazocine Analgesia in Humans 2004
2004 One Thing Leads to Another 2004
2004 Endogenous opioids, blood pressure, and diffuse noxious inhibitory controls: A preliminary study 2004
2004 Reliable visceromotor responses are evoked by noxious bladder distention in mice 2004
2003 Interrater reliability of the International Association for the Study of Pain and Tunks' spinal cord injury pain classification schemes 2003
2003 The melanocortin-1 receptor gene mediates female-specific mechanisms of analgesia in mice and humans 2003
2003 Test-retest reliability of the Donovan spinal cord injury pain classification scheme 2003
2003 A preliminary study of the optimal anesthesia positioning for the morbidly obese patient 2003
2003 Do we need another animal pain model? 2003
2003 Age-related differences in endogenous pain modulation: A comparison of diffuse noxious inhibitory controls in healthy older and younger adults 2003
2003 Individual differences in diffuse noxious inhibitory controls (DNIC): Association with clinical variables 2003
2003 Transnasal jet ventilation is useful adjunt to teach fibreoptic intubation: A preliminary report 2003
2003 Use of topiramate for spinal cord injury-related pain 2003
2002 Ketamine, an N-methyl-D-aspartate receptor antagonist, inhibits the reflex responses to distension of the rat urinary bladder 2002
2002 Ketamine, an N-methyl-D-aspartate receptor antagonist, inhibits the spinal neuronal responses to distension of the rat urinary bladder 2002
2002 Long-term use of gabapentin for treatment of pain after traumatic spinal cord injury 2002
2002 Pain classification following spinal cord injury: The utility of verbal descriptors 2002
2002 Hypoxia following interscalene block 2002
2002 Pain classification following spinal cord injury: The utility of verbal descriptors 2002
2002 Reliability characteristics of the Donovan spinal cord injury pain classification system 2002
2002 Spinal neurophysiologic correlates of the analgesic actions of intravesical dimethyl sulfoxide and capsaicin in the rat 2002
2002 Use of compounded topical analgesics - Results of an internet survey 2002
2001 Evidence for two populations of rat spinal dorsal horn neurons excited by urinary bladder distension 2001
2001 Pharmacology of peripheral analgesia. 2001
2001 Vigor of visceromotor responses to urinary bladder distension in rats increases with repeated trials and stimulus intensity 2001
2001 Left vagus nerve stimulation suppresses experimentally induced pain [3] (multiple letters) 2001
2001 Inflammation enhances reflex and spinal neuron responses to noxious visceral stimulation in rats 2001
2001 Inflammation enhances reflex and spinal neuron responses to noxious visceral stimulation in rats. 2001
2001 Characterization of pressor and visceromotor reflex responses to bladder distention in rats: Sources of variability and effect of analgesics 2001
2001 Chronic urologic pain syndromes. 2001
2001 Systemic medications 2001
2000 Evidence for ascending visceral nociceptive information in the dorsal midline and lateral spinal cord 2000
2000 Low intensity vagal nerve stimulation lowers human thermal pain thresholds 2000
2000 Acute inflammation differentially alters the activity of two classes of rat spinal visceral nociceptive neurons 2000
2000 Intravenous lidocaine inhibits visceral nociceptive reflexes and spinal neurons in the rat 2000
2000 Sex-related hormonal influences on pain and analgesic responses 2000
1999 The effect of spinal analgesia on visceral nociceptive neurons in caudal medulla of the rat 1999
1999 Analgesia for trauma and burns 1999
1999 Kappa opioid receptor agonists differentially inhibit two classes of rat spinal neurons excited by colorectal distention 1999
1999 Models of visceral nociception 1999
1999 TITLE: Cardiovascular and visceromotor responses to noxious visceral stimuli vary with the estrous cycle in rats 1999
1999 The effect of morphine on responses of nucleus ventroposterolateralis neurons to colorectal distension in the rat 1999
1998 A case of spinal cord injury-related pain with baseline rCBF brain SPECT imaging and beneficial response to gabapentin 1998
1998 Characterization of neurons in the area of the medullary lateral reticular nucleus responsive to noxious visceral and cutaneous stimuli 1998
1998 The development of tolerance to intrathecal morphine in rat models of visceral and cutaneous pain 1998
1998 A psychophysical study of discomfort produced by repeated filling of the urinary bladder 1998
1998 Case report on gabapentin [3] 1998
1998 The effect of morphine on responses of mediodorsal thalamic nuclei and nucleus submedius neurons to colorectal distension in the rat 1998
1997 Intrathecal Strychnine but not Bicuculline Antagonizes Spinal Cord Stimulation-Produced Inhibition of Heat-Evoked and "Allodynia-like" Responses in Rats 1997
1995 Quantitative effects of “spinal” analgesics on cardiovascular, motor and medullary neuronal measures of visceral nociception 1995
1994 Intrathecal morphine and lidocaine block ascending visceral nociceptive information: Inhibition of medullary nociceptive neurons 1994
1991 Further behavioral evidence that colorectal distension is a 'noxious' visceral stimulus in rats 1991
1991 Neonatal capsaicin treatment abolishes the nociceptive responses to intravenous 5-HT in the rat 1991
1991 Central mechanisms of visceral pain 1991
1991 Interactions between visceral and cutaneous nociception in the rat. I. Noxious cutaneous stimuli inhibit visceral nociceptive neurons and reflexes 1991
1991 Interactions between visceral and cutaneous nociception in the rat. II. Noxious visceral stimuli inhibit cutaneous nociceptive neurons and reflexes 1991
1990 Vagal afferent-mediated inhibition of a nociceptive reflex by intravenous serotonin in the rat. I. Characterization 1990
1990 A psychophysiological study in humans using phasic colonic distension as a noxious visceral stimulus 1990
1990 Visceral pain: a review of experimental studies 1990
1989 Characterization of superficial T13-L2 dorsal horn neurons encoding for colorectal distension in the rat: comparison with neurons in deep laminae 1989
1989 Differential effects of morphine and clonidine on visceral and cutaneous spinal nociceptive transmission in the rat 1989
1988 Colorectal distension as a noxious visceral stimulus: physiologic and pharmacologic characterization of pseudaffective reflexes in the rat 1988
1988 Characterization of neurons responsive to noxious colorectal distension in the T13-L2 spinal cord of the rat 1988
1987 Contribution of the site of heating to variability in the latency of the rat tail flick reflex 1987
1987 A distension control device useful for quantitative studies of hollow organ sensation 1987
1987 Characterization of neuronal responses to noxious visceral and somatic stimuli in the medial lumbosacral spinal cord of the rat 1987
1987 Quantitative comparison of inhibition of visceral and cutaneous spinal nociceptive transmission from the midbrain and medulla in the rat 1987
1986 Centrifugal modulation of the rat tail flick reflex evoked by graded noxious heating of the tail 1986


Year Title Altmetric
2018 Urogenital and pelvic pain.  271-278. 2018
2010 Pain from Abdominal Organs.  174-193. 2010
2008 Applied physiology: Persistent visceral pain.  37-47. 2008
2008 Chronic abdominal, groin, and perineal pain of visceral origin.  549-569. 2008
2006 Sensory systems.  257-266. 2006
2006 Visceral Pain.  85-94. 2006
2001 Methods in visceral pain research.  93-108. 2001

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