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2021 Neutralization of TGFβ improves tumor immunity and reduces tumor progression in ovarian carcinomaMolecular Cancer Therapeutics.  20:602-611. 2021
2021 Manipulating the Wnt/β-catenin signaling pathway to promote anti-tumor immune infiltration into the TME to sensitize ovarian cancer to ICB therapyGynecologic Oncology.  160:285-294. 2021
2020 Obesity diminishes response to PD-1-based immunotherapies in renal cancerJournal for ImmunoTherapy of Cancer.  8. 2020
2020 Obesity-Associated Myeloid-Derived Suppressor Cells Promote Apoptosis of Tumor-Infiltrating CD8 T Cells and Immunotherapy Resistance in Breast CancerFrontiers in Immunology.  11. 2020
2020 Corrigendum to ‘Wnt signaling modulator DKK1 as an immunotherapeutic target in ovarian cancer’ [Gynecologic Oncology 157 (2020) 765–774] (Gynecologic Oncology (2020) 157(3) (765–774), (S0090825820302262), (10.1016/j.ygyno.2020.03.010))Gynecologic Oncology.  159:295. 2020
2020 The antidiabetic agent acarbose improves anti-PD-1 and rapamycin efficacy in preclinical renal cancerCancers.  12:1-19. 2020
2020 Therapeutic time-restricted feeding reduces renal tumor bioluminescence in mice but fails to improve anti-CTLA-4 efficacy 2020
2020 Biotinylated Streptavidin Surface Coating Improves the Efficacy of a PLGA Microparticle-Based Cancer VaccineBioconjugate Chemistry.  31:2147-2157. 2020
2020 Body fat indices and survival in immunotherapy-treated patients with cancerCancer.  126:3156-3157. 2020
2020 PGC1α suppresses kidney cancer progression by inhibiting collagen-induced SNAIL expression 2020
2020 Wnt signaling modulator DKK1 as an immunotherapeutic target in ovarian cancerGynecologic Oncology.  157:765-774. 2020
2020 Randomized trial of weight loss in primary breast cancer: Impact on body composition, circulating biomarkers and tumor characteristicsInternational Journal of Cancer.  146:2784-2796. 2020
2020 Obesity and CD8 T cell metabolism: Implications for anti-tumor immunity and cancer immunotherapy outcomesImmunological Reviews.  295:203-219. 2020
2020 Obesity induces limited changes to systemic and local immune profiles in treatment-naive human clear cell renal cell carcinomaPLoS ONE.  15. 2020
2020 ICOSLG-mediated regulatory T-cell expansion and IL-10 production promote progression of glioblastomaNeuro-Oncology.  22:333-344. 2020
2020 Inhibiting WNT ligand production for improved immune recognition in the Ovarian tumor microenvironmentCancers.  12. 2020
2020 Diabetes medications as potential calorie restriction mimetics—a focus on the alpha-glucosidase inhibitor acarboseGeroscience2020
2020 Inhibition of the Wnt/β-catenin pathway enhances antitumor immunity in ovarian cancer 2020
2019 Inverse association between changes in energetic cost of walking and vertical accelerations in non-metastatic breast cancer survivorsEuropean Journal of Applied Physiology.  119:2457-2464. 2019
2019 Checkpoint inhibitors in ovarian cancer: A review of preclinical dataGynecologic Oncology Reports.  29:48-54. 2019
2019 A review of the role of wnt in cancer immunomodulationCancers.  11. 2019
2019 Targeting glucose metabolism to enhance immunotherapy: Emerging evidence on intermittent fasting and calorie restriction mimeticsFrontiers in Immunology.  10. 2019
2018 The antitumor effects of entinostat in ovarian cancer require adaptive immunityCancer.  124:4657-4666. 2018
2018 Effects of diet on immune cells within the central nervous systemPhysiology and Behavior.  196:158-164. 2018
2018 Activation of the receptor tyrosine kinase AXL regulates the immune microenvironment in glioblastomaCancer Research.  78:3002-3013. 2018
2018 Reply to "phase II prospective randomized trial of weight loss prior to radical prostatectomyProstate Cancer and Prostatic Diseases.  21:293-294. 2018
2018 Ease of walking associates with greater free-living physical activity and reduced depressive symptomology in breast cancer survivors: pilot randomized trialSupportive Care in Cancer.  26:1675-1683. 2018
2017 Obesity as defined by waist circumference but not body mass index is associated with higher renal mass complexityUrologic Oncology: Seminars and Original Investigations.  35:661.e1-661.e6. 2017
2017 Emerging Impact of Malnutrition on Surgical Patients: Literature Review and Potential Implications for Cystectomy in Bladder Cancer 2017
2017 Obesity Does Not Exacerbate the Protumorigenic Systemic Environment in Sarcoma Subjects.Immunohorizons.  1:20-28. 2017
2017 Epigenetic modifiers upregulate MHC II and impede ovarian cancer tumor growthOncotarget.  8:44159-44170. 2017
2017 Presurgical weight loss affects tumour traits and circulating biomarkers in men with prostate cancerBritish Journal of Cancer.  117:1303-1313. 2017
2016 NLRC4 suppresses melanoma tumor progression independently of inflammasome activationJournal of Clinical Investigation.  126:3917-3928. 2016
2016 Obesity alters immune and metabolic profiles: New insight from obese-resistant mice on high-fat diet 2016
2016 Metabolic risk factors and mechanisms of disease in epithelial ovarian cancer: A reviewGynecologic Oncology.  143:674-683. 2016
2015 Enhancing dendritic cell-based immunotherapy with IL-2/monoclonal antibody complexes for control of established tumorsJournal of Immunology.  195:4537-4544. 2015
2015 Obesity triggers enhanced MDSC accumulation in murine renal tumors via elevated local production of CCL2PLoS ONE.  10. 2015
2015 The tumor microenvironment is the main source of IL-6 for plasma cell tumor development in miceLeukemia.  29:233-237. 2015
2015 BKCa channel inhibitor modulates the tumorigenic ability of hormone-independent breast cancer cells via the Wnt pathway 2015
2014 CpG-mediated modulation of MDSC contributes to the efficacy of Ad5-TRAIL therapy against renal cell carcinoma 2014
2014 A therapeutic microparticle-based tumor lysate vaccine reduces spontaneous metastases in murine breast cancer 2014
2014 Diet-induced obesity does not impact the generation and maintenance of primary memory CD8 T cellsJournal of Immunology.  193:5873-5882. 2014
2014 Effects of obesity on immune responses to renal tumorsImmunologic Research.  59:211-219. 2014
2014 Minimal changes in the systemic immune response after nephrectomy of localized renal massesUrologic Oncology: Seminars and Original Investigations.  32:589-600. 2014
2014 Tumor lysate-loaded biodegradable microparticles as cancer vaccinesExpert Review of Vaccines.  13:9-15. 2014
2012 Diet-induced obesity alters dendritic cell function in the presence and absence of tumor growthJournal of Immunology.  189:1311-1321. 2012
2012 Eradication of metastatic renal cell carcinoma after adenovirus-encoded TNF-related apoptosis-inducing ligand (TRAIL)/CpG immunotherapyPLoS ONE.  7. 2012
2011 Advances in viral vector-based TRAIL gene therapy for cancerCancers.  3:603-620. 2011
2009 Synergistic induction of apoptosis in primary B-CLL cells after treatment with recombinant tumor necrosis factor-related apoptosis-inducing ligand and histone deacetylase inhibitorsJournal of Oncology2009
2009 TRAIL gene therapy: From preclinical development to clinical application 2009
2009 Tumor-Infiltrating regulatory dendritic cells inhibit CD8+ T cell function via L-Arginine metabolismCancer Research.  69:3086-3094. 2009
2008 Tumors induce regulatory dendritic cells that suppress CD8+T cell antitumor immunityThe FASEB Journal.  22. 2008
2008 An antibiotic-responsive mouse model of fulminant ulcerative colitisPLoS Medicine.  5:0424-0439. 2008
2007 Rapid Maturation of Effector T Cells in Tumors, but Not Lymphoid Organs, during Tumor RegressionPLoS ONE.  2. 2007
2007 Tumors induce regulatory dendritic cells that suppress CD8+T cell antitumor immunityJournal of Women's Health.  16:1099-1099. 2007
2006 Phenotypic maturation of tumor-infiltrating T cells is associated with heightened intratumoral cytolytic activity and tumor regressionJournal of Immunology.  176:S272-S272. 2006
2006 Tumor-infiltrating regulatory dendritic cells suppress CD8+T cell functionJournal of Immunology.  176:S272-S273. 2006
2005 T cell-mediated delay of spontaneous mammary tumor onset: Increased efficacy with in vivo versus in vitro activationJournal of Immunology.  174:4662-4669. 2005
2004 No intrinsic deficiencies in CD8+ T cell-mediated antitumor immunity with agingJournal of Immunology.  173:835-844. 2004
2004 CD4-Directed Peptide Vaccination Augments an Antitumor Response, but Efficacy Is Limited by the Number of CD8+ T Cell PrecursorsJournal of Immunology.  172:4215-4224. 2004
2000 The regulation of CD95 (Fas) ligand expression in primary T cells: Induction of promoter activation in CD95LP-Luc transgenic miceJournal of Immunology.  164:4471-4480. 2000
2000 Intracellular adapter molecules.Seminars in Immunology.  12:43-54. 2000
1999 Differential regulation of the IL-12 p40 promoter and of p40 secretion by CpG DNA and lipopolysaccharideJournal of Immunology.  162:6770-6775. 1999
1998 A newly identified response element in the CD95 ligand promoter contributes to optimal inducibility in activated T lymphocytes.Journal of Immunology.  161:1078-1082. 1998
1998 Cutting edge: A newly identified response element in the CD95 ligand promoter contributes to optimal inducibility in activated T lymphocytesJournal of Immunology.  161:1078-1082. 1998
1998 Regulation of CD95 (FAS) ligand expression in activated T cells and immune privileged tissuesThe FASEB Journal.  12. 1998
1997 Two NFAT transcription factor binding sites participate in the regulation of CD95 (Fas) ligand expression in activated human T cellsJournal of Biological Chemistry.  272:31427-31434. 1997
1997 NFAT binding sites participate in regulation of the CD95 (Fas) ligand promoter in activated T cells.Arthritis and Rheumatism.  40:1743-1743. 1997
1997 Regulation of CD95 (Fas) Ligand Expression by TCR-Mediated Signaling EventsJournal of Immunology.  158:4602-4611. 1997
1993 Mycoplasma bovoculi-Augmented bovine natural killer activity 1993


Year Title Altmetric
2018 Obesity-Induced Defects in Dendritic Cell and T Cell Functions: Implications for Immunotherapeutic Efficacy in Cancer.  171-181. 2018

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