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2018 Christensen, L. M. (2018). A review of Curriculum Windows: What Curriculum Theorist of the 1990s Can Teach Us About Schools and Society Today. Teachers College Record. Date Published: August 10, 2018 http://www.tcrecord.org ID Number: 22463, (Invited)Teachers College Record2018
2016 Unearthing and bequeathing black feminist legacies of brown to a new generation of women and girls 2016
2014 Among the Periodicals: The Common Core State Standards: Maxie Kohler, EditorChildhood Education.  90:468-472. 2014
2014 Among the Periodicals: Fears and Phobias in Children and Adolescents: Maxie Kohler, EditorChildhood Education.  90:386-389. 2014
2013 Among the Periodicals: Cultural Diversity and Responsivity: Maxie Kohler, EditorChildhood Education.  89:403-406. 2013
2013 Among the PeriodicalsChildhood Education.  89:270-274. 2013
2013 Among the Periodicals: The Obesogenic Environment: Maxie Kohler, EditorChildhood Education.  89:129-133. 2013
2013 School/Parent Partnership, Post-Katrina: Lake Forest Elementary Charter SchoolChildhood Education.  89:110-114. 2013
2012 Among the Periodicals: Developmentally Appropriate Practice: Maxie Kohler, EditorChildhood Education.  88:407-412. 2012
2012 What Is the Value of Play?Childhood Education.  88:201-204. 2012
2012 Among the Periodicals: What Is the Value of Play?Childhood Education.  88:201-204. 2012
2012 Who's in control? Teachers from five countries share perspectives on power dynamics in the learning environmentJournal of Research in International Education.  11:70-86. 2012
2012 Among the Periodicals: The Tiger Mom Phenomenon: Jerry Aldridge, EditorChildhood Education.  88:69-71. 2012
2012 Issues in Education: Tiger Moms: Five Questions That Need to be Answered: James D. Kirylo, EditorChildhood Education.  88:52-53. 2012
2012 The Tiger Mom Phenomenon.Childhood Education.  88:69-71. 2012
2012 Tiger Moms: Five Questions That Need To Be Answered.Childhood Education.  88:52. 2012
2011 Parallels in the beliefs and works of Margaret Fuller and Carl Jung: Dreams, literature, spirituality, and genderSAGE Open.  1:1-12. 2011
2010 Teachers from Five Nations Share Perspectives on Culture and CitizenshipAction in Teacher Education.  32:42-55. 2010
2009 Early Childhood Visual Arts Curriculum: Freeing Spaces to Express Developmental and Cultural Palettes of MindChildhood Education.  86:87-91. 2009
2009 Early Childhood Visual Arts Curriculum.Childhood Education.  86:87. 2009
2008 Among the Periodicals: Globalization and EducationChildhood Education.  85:64-66. 2008
2008 Globalization and Education.Childhood Education.  85:64. 2008
2007 Children and Social Change in Alabama: 1965 and 2005Social Studies and the Young Learner.  20:22-25. 2007
2006 Elementary Education: Using Art to Teach History to Young Learners.Social Education.  70:312-315. 2006
2006 Using Art to Teach History to Young LearnersSocial Education.  70:312-315. 2006
2006 Relearning Social Studies and Democracy: Three Teachers Deconstructing a Modified Reggio Emilia ApproachJournal of Social Studies Research.  30:10-17. 2006
2005 Women Who Passed the Torch of Freedom. 2005
2004 Transforming the topography of teaching with technology: A PT3 holmes partnership project 2004
2004 Through the Looking Glass: Reflection or Refraction? Do You See What I See?Journal of Social Studies Research.  28:33-46. 2004
2002 CULTURE AND CITIZENSHIP Teachers from Two Continents Share Perspectives Via a Website.International Journal of Educational Policy Research and Practice.  2:121. 2002
2001 Teachers' Reflections on Their Practice of Social Studies 2001


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2013 Stealing from the Mother The Marginalization of Women in Education and Psychology from 1900-2010 2013
2013 Critical pedagogy for early childhood and elementary educators 2013
2010 Integrating teaching, learning, and action research: Enhancing instruction in the K-12 classroom 2010

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  • Lois Christensen