Selected Publications

Academic Article

Year Title Altmetric
2020 Self-endorsed cognitive problems versus objectively assessed cognitive impairment in blood or bone marrow transplantation recipients: A longitudinal study. 2020
2019 The efficacy of a pilot pediatric cognitive remediation summer program to prepare for transition of care 2019
2018 Brain dosimetry from locally advanced head and neck cancer radiotherapy: implications for neurocognitive outcomes research 2018
2018 Longitudinal Changes in Resting State Connectivity and White Matter Integrity in Adolescents with Sports-Related Concussion 2018
2018 Differential recruitment of theory of mind brain network across three tasks: An independent component analysis 2018
2018 Tracking of neurocognitive outcomes over time in children with perinatal stroke and associated complex medical conditions: a case series 2018
2018 Effects of Developmental Age on Symptom Reporting and Neurocognitive Performance in Youth After Sports-Related Concussion Compared to Control Athletes 2018
2018 Assessment of Sleep Quantity and Sleep Disturbances During Recovery From Sports-Related Concussion in Youth Athletes. 2018
2018 Brain Mechanisms Underlying Reading the Mind from Eyes, Voice, and Actions 2018
2017 Changes in intrinsic local connectivity after reading intervention in children with autism 2017
2017 Differences in activation and deactivation in children with sickle cell disease compared with demographically matched controls 2017
2017 “Decoding versus comprehension”: Brain responses underlying reading comprehension in children with autism 2017
2017 From word reading to multisentence comprehension: Improvements in brain activity in children with autism after reading intervention 2017
2016 Review of Sports-Related Concussions in Youth: Improving the Science, Changing the Culture 2016
2016 The Impact of Reading Intervention on Brain Responses Underlying Language in Children With Autism 2016
2015 Changes in intrinsic connectivity of the brain's reading network following intervention in children with autism 2015
2014 Differential role of temporoparietal junction and medial prefrontal cortex in causal inference in autism: An independent component analysis 2014
2014 Functional brain connectivity in a child with autism with an enlarged cavum septum pellucidum 2014
2013 Greater impulsivity is associated with decreased brain activation in obese women during a delay discounting task 2013
2012 Differential Deactivation during Mentalizing and Classification of Autism Based on Default Mode Network Connectivity 2012
2012 Brain responses mediating idiom comprehension: Gender and hemispheric differences 2012
2012 FMRI reactivity on a delay discounting task predicts weight gain in obese women 2012
2012 FMRI reactivity to high-calorie food pictures predicts short- and long-term outcome in a weight-loss program 2012
2011 Probing the brain in autism using FMRI and diffusion tensor imaging. 2011
2011 Motivation for palatable food despite consequences in an animal model of binge eating 2011
2011 Probing the brain in autism using fMRI and diffusion tensor imaging 2011
2009 The Pavlovian power of palatable food: Lessons for weight-loss adherence from a new rodent model of cue-induced overeating 2009

Education And Training

  • Doctor of Philosophy in Clinical Psychology, University of Alabama at Birmingham 2015
  • Bachelor of Science or Mathematics in Psychology, University of Alabama at Birmingham 2008
  • Full Name

  • Donna Murdaugh