Selected Publications

Academic Article

Year Title Altmetric
2022 Internalized HIV-Related Stigma and Neurocognitive Functioning among Women Living with HIV 2022
2022 Weight Discrimination Experienced Prior to Enrolling in a Behavioral Obesity Intervention is Associated with Treatment Response Among Black and White Adults in the Southeastern U.SInternational Journal of Behavioral Medicine.  29:152-159. 2022
2022 Correlates of psychological distress among adults with obesity during the COVID-19 pandemic 2022
2022 Patient and Provider Perspectives on HIV Stigma in Healthcare Settings in Underserved Areas of the US South: A Mixed Methods StudyAIDS and Behavior.  26:112-124. 2022
2022 The Relationship Between HIV Pre-exposure Prophylaxis Stigma and Treatment Adherence Among Current HIV Pre-exposure Prophylaxis Users in the Southeastern U.S.AIDS and Behavior2022
2021 One-year statin persistence and adherence in adults with HIV in the United StatesJournal of Clinical Lipidology.  15:181-191. 2021
2020 Internalized HIV Stigma and Pain among Women with HIV in the United States: The Mediating Role of Depressive SymptomsAIDS and Behavior.  24:3482-3490. 2020
2020 Brief Report: Linking Depressive Symptoms to Viral Nonsuppression Among Women With HIV Through Adherence Self-Efficacy and ART Adherence 2020
2020 Brief Report: Linking Depressive Symptoms to Viral Nonsuppression Among Women With HIV Through Adherence Self-Efficacy and ART Adherence. 2020
2019 Accessing Pre-exposure Prophylaxis (PrEP): Perceptions of Current and Potential PrEP Users in Birmingham, AlabamaAIDS and Behavior.  23:2966-2979. 2019
2019 Experiences of HIV-related discrimination and consequences for internalised stigma, depression and alcohol use 2019
2019 Neighborhood Racial Diversity, Socioeconomic Status, and Perceptions of HIV-Related Discrimination and Internalized HIV Stigma among Women Living with HIV in the United States 2019
2019 Buffering Internalization of HIV Stigma: Implications for Treatment Adherence and Depression 2019
2019 Longitudinal association between internalized HIV stigma and antiretroviral therapy adherence for women living with HIV: The mediating role of depressionAIDS.  33:571-576. 2019
2019 Challenges and opportunities in examining and addressing intersectional stigma and healthBMC Medicine.  17. 2019
2019 Associations between multiple forms of discrimination and tobacco use among people living with HIV: The mediating role of avoidance coping 2019
2019 Internal Working Models of Attachment Relationships and HIV Outcomes among Women Living with HIV 2019
2018 Psychosocial complications of HIV/AIDS-metabolic disorder comorbidities among patients in a rural area of southeastern United States.Journal of Behavioral Medicine.  41:441-449. 2018
2018 Experienced HIV-Related Stigma in Health Care and Community Settings: Mediated Associations With Psychosocial and Health Outcomes 2018
2018 Moment-to-moment changes in perceived social support and pain for men living with HIV: An experience sampling studyPain.  159:2503-2511. 2018
2017 Diminishing Perceived Threat of AIDS and Increasing Sexual Risks of HIV Among Men Who Have Sex with Men, 1997-2015. 2017
2017 Online Partner Seeking and Sexual Risk Among HIV+ Gay and Bisexual Men: A Dialectical Perspective. 2017
2017 Association between internalized HIV-related stigma and HIV care visit adherence 2017
2016 Trauma symptoms, internalized stigma, social support, and sexual risk behavior among HIV-positive gay and bisexual MSM who have sought sex partners online. 2016
2015 Brief Stress Management Reduces Acute Distress and Buffers Physiological Response to a Social Stress TestInternational Journal of Stress Management.  22:270-286. 2015

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  • Doctor of Philosophy in Clinical Psychology, University of Connecticut 2017
  • Master of Psychology in Clinical Psychology, University of Connecticut 2014
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  • Kaylee Crockett