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2019 Top-down mass spectrometry of intact phosphorylated β-casein: Correlation between the precursor charge state and internal fragments 2019
2019 Detection of Lipid Mediators of Inflammation in the Human Tear Film 2019
2019 Lipidomic analysis of meibomian gland secretions from the tree shrew: Identification of candidate tear lipids critical for reducing evaporation 2019
2019 Untargeted lipidomic analysis of human tears: A new approach for quantification of O-acyl-omega hydroxy fatty acids 2019
2018 Comparison of Collection Methods for the Measure of Human Meibum and Tear Film-Derived Lipids Using Mass Spectrometry 2018
2018 Analysis of solute-protein interactions and solute-solute competition by zonal elution affinity chromatography 2018
2018 Comprehensive shotgun lipidomics of human meibomian gland secretions using MS/MS all with successive switching between acquisition polarity modes 2018
2017 Expression profiling of nonpolar lipids in meibum from patients with dry eye: A pilot study 2017
2016 Compositional Analysis of Wax Esters in Human Meibomian Gland Secretions by Direct Infusion Electrospray Ionization Mass Spectrometry 2016
2015 Characterization of Wax Esters by Electrospray Ionization Tandem Mass Spectrometry: Double Bond Effect and Unusual Product Ions 2015
2013 Quantitative profiling of major neutral lipid classes in human meibum by direct infusion electrospray ionization mass spectrometry 2013
2012 A pseudo MS 3 approach for identification of disulfide-bonded proteins: Uncommon product ions and database search 2012
2011 Author response: On the presence of (O-acyl)-omega-hydroxy fatty acids and their esters in human meibomian gland secretions 2011
2010 Re-on the presence and role of polar lipids in meibum 2010
2010 Shotgun lipidomic analysis of human meibomian gland secretions with electrospray ionization tandem mass spectrometry 2010
2010 Top-down characterization of a native highly intralinked protein: Concurrent cleavages of disulfide and protein backbone bonds 2010
2009 Noncompetitive peak decay analysis of drug-protein dissociation by high-performance affinity chromatography 2009
2007 Characterization of apolipoprotein and apolipoprotein precursors in pancreatic cancer serum samples via two-dimensional liquid chromatography and mass spectrometry 2007
2006 Quantitative studies of allosteric effects by biointeraction chromatography: Analysis of protein binding for low-solubility drugs 2006
2006 Chromatographic analysis of allosteric effects between ibuprofen and benzodiazepines on human serum albumin 2006
2004 Quantitative analysis of allosteric drug-protein binding by biointeraction chromatography 2004
2004 Studies of phenytoin binding to human serum albumin by high-performance affinity chromatography 2004
2004 Characterization of drug interactions with soluble β-cyclodextrin by high-performance affinity chromatography 2004

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  • Jianzhong Chen