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2019 Towards Clinical Translation of CD8+ Regulatory T Cells Restricted by Non-Classical Major Histocompatibility Complex Ib Molecules. 2019
2019 Current and future imaging methods for evaluating response to immunotherapy in neuro-oncology 2019
2019 Metabolic and functional reprogramming of myeloid-derived suppressor cells and their therapeutic control in glioblastoma. 2019
2019 Deletion of the RNA regulator HuR in tumor-associated microglia and macrophages stimulates anti-tumor immunity and attenuates glioma growth 2019
2018 Chromatin remodeling by the NuRD complex regulates development of follicular helper and regulatory T cells 2018
2018 CD8+ T cells expressing both PD-1 and TIGIT but not CD226 are dysfunctional in acute myeloid leukemia (AML) patients 2018
2018 Lymphocytes contribute to the pathophysiology of neonatal brain injury 2018
2018 γδ T Cells Contribute to Injury in the Developing Brain 2018
2018 Alphavirus Replicon DNA vectors expressing Ebola GP and VP40 antigens induce humoral and cellular immune responses in mice 2018
2017 γδT cells but not αβT cells contribute to sepsis-induced white matter injury and motor abnormalities in mice 2017
2017 Newly Characterized Murine Undifferentiated Sarcoma Models Sensitive to Virotherapy with Oncolytic HSV-1 M002 2017
2017 Modulation of the intratumoral immune landscape by oncolytic herpes simplex virus virotherapy 2017
2017 The Role of Microglia and Macrophages in CNS Homeostasis, Autoimmunity, and Cancer 2017
2015 Ezh2 regulates differentiation and function of natural killer cells through histone methyltransferase activity 2015
2015 A p85α-osteopontin axis couples the receptor ICOS to sustained Bcl-6 expression by follicular helper and regulatory T cells 2015
2015 NK cell-based cancer immunotherapy: from basic biology to clinical application 2015
2015 Intracellular osteopontin regulates homeostasis and function of natural killer cells 2015
2014 The effect of osteopontin and osteopontin-derived peptides on preterm brain injury 2014
2014 The immune response after hypoxia-ischemia in a mouse model of preterm brain injury 2014
2013 Amelioration of arthritis through mobilization of peptide-specific CD8 + regulatory T cells 2013
2011 Mobilization of natural killer cells inhibits development of collagen-induced arthritis 2011
2010 Analysis of the cellular mechanism underlying inhibition of EAE after treatment with anti-NKG2A F(ab′)2 2010
2009 SUMO conjugation contributes to immune deviation in nonobese diabetic mice by suppressing c-Maf transactivation of IL-4 2009
2009 Engagement of transgenic Ly49A inhibits mouse CD4 cell activation by disrupting T cell receptor, but not CD28, signaling 2009
2007 c-Maf interacts with c-Myb to down-regulate Bcl-2 expression and increase apoptosis in peripheral CD4 cells 2007

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  • Jianmei Leavenworth