Selected Publications

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1995 LSA - A new liver-specific antigen in the rat. II: Immunological and biological properties 1995
1995 LSA: A new liver-specific antigen in the rat - Physical and chemical properties 1995
1994 Omeprazole versus H2-receptor antagonists in treating patients with peptic stricture and esophagitis 1994
1993 'No acid, no ulcer': Clarifying the maxim [1] 1993
1992 LSA: A new liver-specific antigen in the rat: I. Purification and characterization 1992
1988 Stress Ulcer Prophylaxis in Medical Patients: Who, What, and How Much? 1988
1985 Treatment of ulcer disease. 1985
1984 Autonomous cholesterol biosynthesis in murine hepatoma. A receptor defect with normal coated pits 1984
1983 Biochemical mechanisms of acid secretion by gastric parietal cells 1983
1982 Secretagogue stimulation of the gastric parietal cell 1982
1982 Evidence for heterogeneity of hepatic bile salt sulfotransferases in female hamsters and rats 1982
1982 A unique "mini" pepsinogen isolated from bullfrog esophageal glands. 1982
1982 Aminopyrine accumulation by mammalian gastric glands: An analysis of the technique 1982
1982 Aminopyrine accumulation by mammalian gastric glands: An analysis of the technique 1982
1982 Properties of immunoglobulin A in serum of individuals with liver diseases and in hepatic bile 1982
1981 Invited commentary 1981
1981 15-hydroxyprostaglandin dehydrogenase and Δ13 reductase content of gastrointestinal organs of rabbits and rats 1981
1981 Cholesterol feeding does not alter the defective chylomicron remnant (CMR) uptake by Morris hepatoma 1981
1980 Cimetidine for Prevention of Acute Gastrointestinal Bleeding 1980
1980 Improved enzymatic assays for bile acids using resazurin and nadh oxidoreductase from Clostridium kluyveri 1980
1980 Determination of the pool size and synthesis rate of bile acids by measurements in blood of patients with liver disease 1980
1980 Stoichiometry of the nadh-oxidoreductase reaction for dehydrogenase determinations 1980
1979 Acetylsalicylate hydrolase of rabbit gastric mucosa. Isolation and purification 1979
1979 Invited commentary 1979
1979 Modification of d-galactosamine-induced liver injury in the rat by spironolactone 1979
1979 Physical Chemical and Technical Limitations to Intragastric Titration 1979
1979 Utilization of a radioiodinated bile salt for kinetic studies and hepatic scintigraphy. Studies in nonhuman mammals 1979
1978 Acetylsalicylic acid hydrolase of gastric mucosa. 1978
1978 Gastrin stimulated H+ secretion in amphibian gastric mucosa: Effect of tetrodotoxin 1978
1978 Acetylsalicylic acid hydrolase of gastric mucosa 1978
1978 Acetylsalicylic acid hydrolase: A predominantly gastrointestinal enzyme 1978
1978 Acetylsalicylic acid hydrolase: a predominantly gastrointestinal enzyme 1978
1978 Alcoholic hepatitis-A clinical and pathological study of 142 cases 1978
1978 H+ transport: Regulation and mechanism in gastric mucosa and membrane vesicles 1978
1977 Effect of acetylsalicylic acid on gastric mucosa. II. Mucosal ATP and phosphocreatine content, and salicylate effects on mitochondrial metabolism 1977
1977 Effect of acetylsalicylic acid on the amphibian gastric mucosa. I. Electrophysiological and permeability changes 1977
1977 Inhibition of gastric K+ ATPase by phenylbutazone and indomethacin 1977
1977 A critical evaluation of a procedure for measurement of serum bile acids by radioimmunoassay 1977
1977 Acetylsalicylate hydrolase (esterase) of fundic gastric mucosa 1977
1977 An 125I Radioimmunoassay for Primary Conjugated Bile Salts 1977
1977 An Adjustable Constant Current Stimulator for Electrophysiologic Experiments 1977
1977 An ultraviolet absorbance method for determining acetylsalicylic acid hydrolase activity 1977
1977 Gastric secretion. 1977
1977 Isolation and characterization of a liver-specific antigen (F-Ag) from human liver 1977
1977 Preparation and properties of a specific antiserum against human liver1 1977
1977 Properties of Gastric Antrum: III. Selectivity and modification of shunt conductance 1977
1977 Radioimmunoassay of serum bile acid levels in biopsy-proved cirrhosis 1977
1976 A primary conjugated bile salt radioimmunoassay using an iodinated bile salt derivative 1976
1976 An improved bile salt radioimmunoassay using cholyl glycyl 125 histamine 1976
1976 Inhibition of gastric K+ATPase by salicylates 1976
1976 Radioiodinated cholylglycylhistamine: a potentially useful, physiologic hepatic scanning agent 1976
1975 Characterization of gastric mucosal membranes. VIII. The localization of peptides by iodination and phosphorylation 1975
1975 Quantitation of conductance pathways in antral gastric mucosa 1975
1974 Action of burimamide, a histamine antagonist, on acid secretion in vitro 1974
1974 Microelectrode studies of fundic gastric mucosa: Cellular coupling and shunt conductance 1974
1974 Characterization of gastric mucosal membranes. VI. The presence of channel-forming substances 1974
1974 Characterization of gastric mucosal membranes. Composition of gastric cell membranes and polypeptide fractionation using ionic and nonionic detergents 1974
1974 Conductance pathways in fundic gastric mucosa 1974
1974 Preparation and characterization of plasma membrane of cardiac tissue 1974
1973 Adenyl and guanyl cyclase in rabbit gastric mucosa 1973
1973 Purification of plasma membrane and extraction of channels from gastric mucosa 1973
1973 Conductance pathways in epithelial tissues 1973
1973 Properties of ATPase of gastric mucosa V. Preparation of membranes and mitochondria by zonal centrifugation 1973
1973 A molecular approach to epithelial conductance: gastric mucosa 1973
1973 Action of H2 antagonists on acid secretion and adenyl cyclase in vitro 1973
1972 Cirrhosis following prolonged treatment of psoriasis with methotrexate orally 1972
1971 Free peritoneal gas without perforated viscus in patients with bacterial peritonitis 1971
1971 Recurrent tetanus 1971
1970 Biochemistry of extrapancreatic tumor hypoglycemia. 1970
1969 Hyperglycemic, hyperosmolar, nonketoacidotic diabetes. A complication of steroid and immunosupressive therapy. 1969

Education And Training

  • Univ. of Illinois Research & Education, Internship 1964
  • UAB Hospital, Residency 1969
  • Univ. of Illinois Research & Education, Residency 1965
  • UAB Hospital, Postdoctoral Fellowship 1971
  • Full Name

  • Jerry Spenney