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  • Ab initio and NMR study of peroxynitrite and peroxynitrous acid: Important biological oxidants.  100:15087-15095. 1996
  • Comparison of ab initio and density functional theory for alkali peroxynitrite: A highly correlated system with Hartree-Fock instability.  100:6942-6949. 1996
  • LDA predictions of C20 isomerizations: Neutral and charged species.  100:6966-6972. 1996
  • Ab Initio Study of Pernitric Acid: Comparison with Experimental Spectra.  100:15731-15734. 1996
  • Structural characterization and nanometer-scale domain formation in a model phospholipid bilayer as determined by infrared spectroscopy and scanning tunneling microscopy.  98:1010-1021. 1994
  • Methylphosphinidene (CH3P) and its rearrangement to phosphaethylene (CH2PH): Toward the observation of ground-state triplet CH3P.  97:1872-1877. 1993
  • Effects of mixed-valent composition and bathing environment on solid-state electron self-exchanges in osmium bipyridine redox polymer films.  96:962-970. 1992
  • Oxywater (water oxide): New evidence for the existence of a structural isomer of hydrogen peroxide.  96:9250-9254. 1992
  • Acid hydrolyses of hydrophobic dioxolanes in cationic micelles: A quantitative treatment based on the Poisson-Boltzmann equation.  95:6747-6750. 1991
  • Optical response of very high density solid oxygen to 132 GPa.  94:1117-1122. 1990
  • Ab initio force constants and the reassignment of the vibrational spectra of all-trans-and all-cis-1,3,5,7-octatetraene.  93:2341-2347. 1989
  • Electrical-field-driven electron self-exchange in a mixed-valent osmium (II/III) bipyridine polymer: Solid-state reactions of low exothermicity.  93:4620-4627. 1989
  • Vinylidene radical cation: A sizable barrier to unimolecular rearrangement to the acetylene radical cation.  93:7560-7562. 1989
  • Picosecond time-resolved fluorescence spectra of ethidium bromide: Evidence for a nonactivated reaction.  90:5173-5178. 1986
  • Quantitative external reflection infrared spectroscopic analysis of insoluble monolayers spread at the air-water interface.  90:1373-1379. 1986
  • Erratum: Micellar effects on Belousov-Zhabotinsky oscillations with tris(2,2′-bipyridyl)ruthenium(II) as a catalyst (Journal of Physical Chemistry (1985) 89 (1342)).  89:4658. 1985
  • Micellar effects on Belousov-Zhabotinsky oscillations with tris(2,2′-bipyridyl)ruthenium(II) as a catalyst.  89:1341-1344. 1985
  • In situ measurement of the infrared spectra of insoluble monolayers at the air-water interface.  89:3195-3197. 1985
  • Picosecond fluorescence anisotropy decay in the ethidium/DNA complex.  87:3286-3288. 1983
  • Conformational studies of cyclo-(L-Val-L-Pro-Gly-L-Val-L-Pro-Gly) by nuclear magnetic resonance and theoretical energy calculations.  82:2743-2747. 1978
  • An investigation of ethylenediamine complexes of copper(II) and nickel (II) in solutions of dimethyl sulfoxide.  80:83-88. 1976
  • A nuclear magnetic resonance line broadening study of dimethyl sulfoxide in tris(ethylenediamine)chromium(III)-dimethyl sulfoxide solution.  77:855-858. 1973
  • Nuclear spin relaxation in nematic liquid crystals.  75:2452-2458. 1971
  • Nuclear spin-lattice relaxation and chemical shift studies of fluorocarbon-hydrocarbon mixtures.  74:235-240. 1970
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