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  • Adeno-associated virus 8-mediated gene therapy for choroideremia: Preclinical studies in in vitro and in vivo models.  16:122-130. 2014
  • Inhibition of HIV-1 infection by a unique short hairpin RNA to chemokine receptor 5 delivered into macrophages through hematopoietic progenitor cell transduction.  12:255-265. 2010
  • Adjusting transgene expression levels in lymphocytes with a set of inducible promoters.  12:501-515. 2010
  • Enhanced transthyretin tetramer stability following expression of an amyloid disease transsuppressor variant in mammalian cells.  11:103-111. 2009
  • The cyclo-oxygenase 2 promoter is induced in nontarget cells following adenovirus infection, but an AU-rich 3′-untranslated region destabilization element can increase specificity.  10:744-753. 2008
  • Enhancement of cell-specific transgene expression from a Tet-Off regulatory system using a transcriptional amplification strategy in the rat brain.  10:583-592. 2008
  • Novel AAV serotypes for improved ocular gene transfer.  10:375-382. 2008
  • Nasal inoculation of an adenovirus vector encoding 11 tandem repeats of Aβ1-6 upregulates IL-10 expression and reduces amyloid load in a Mo/ Hu APPswe PS1dE9 mouse model of Alzheimer's disease.  9:88-98. 2007
  • Chlorpromazine and apigenin reduce adenovirus replication and decrease replication associated toxicity.  9:3-9. 2007
  • In vivo analysis of a genetically modified adenoviral vector targeted to human CD40 using a novel transient transgenic model.  7:1517-1525. 2005
  • Enhancing rAAV vector expression in the lung.  7:842-850. 2005
  • Inter-patient variation in efficacy of five oncolytic adenovirus candidates for ovarian cancer therapy.  6:1333-1342. 2004
  • Evaluation of tissue-specific promoters in carcinomas of the cervix uteri.  6:1281-1289. 2004
  • Gene therapy for malignant glioma using Sindbis vectors expressing a fusogenic membrane glycoprotein.  6:1082-1091. 2004
  • Hepatocyte growth factor stimulates adenoviral-mediated gene transfer across the apical membrane of epithelial cells.  6:624-630. 2004
  • Modulation of renal glomerular disease using remote delivery of adenoviral-encoded soluble type II TGF-β receptor fusion molecule.  5:839-851. 2003
  • Phenotypic rescue after adeno-associated virus-mediated delivery of 4-sulfatase to the retinal pigment epithelium of feline mucopolysaccharidosis VI.  4:613-621. 2002
  • Strain-dependent anterior segment neovascularization following intravitreal gene transfer of basic fibroblast growth factor (bFGF).  3:252-259. 2001
  • Pro-apoptotic treatment with an adenovirus encoding Bax enhances the effect of chemotherapy in ovarian cancer.  2:97-106. 2000
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