Frontiers in Microbiology


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  • High-throughput nanopore sequencing of Treponema pallidum tandem repeat genes arp and tp0470 reveals clade-specific patterns and recapitulates global whole genome phylogeny.  13. 2022
  • Antimicrobial susceptibilities and mechanisms of resistance of commensal and invasive Mycoplasma salivarium isolates.  13. 2022
  • Aggregated Mycobacterium tuberculosis Enhances the Inflammatory Response.  12. 2021
  • Is Community Relevance Enough? Civic and Science Identity Impact of Microbiology CUREs Focused on Community Environmental Justice.  11. 2020
  • Mycoplasma genitalium Biofilms Contain Poly-GlcNAc and Contribute to Antibiotic Resistance.  11. 2020
  • Cultivated human vaginal microbiome communities impact zika and herpes simplex virus replication in ex vivovaginal mucosal cultures.  10. 2019
  • Differential susceptibility of Mycoplasma and Ureaplasma species to compound-enhanced copper toxicity.  10. 2019
  • RNA synthesis and capping by nonsegmented negative strand RNA viral polymerases: Lessons from a prototypic virus.  10. 2019
  • Amplicon sequencing reveals microbiological signatures in spent nuclear fuel storage basins.  9. 2018
  • Simulation study of cDNA dataset to investigate possible association of differentially expressed genes of human THP1-monocytic cells in cancer progression affected by bacterial shiga toxins.  9. 2018
  • Alphavirus Replicon DNA vectors expressing Ebola GP and VP40 antigens induce humoral and cellular immune responses in mice.  8. 2018
  • Curaxin CBL0100 blocks HIV-1 replication and reactivation through inhibition of viral transcriptional elongation.  8. 2017
  • Microbial communities and their predicted metabolic functions in growth laminae of a unique large conical mat from Lake Untersee, East Antarctica.  8. 2017
  • A novel bromodomain inhibitor reverses HIV-1 latency through specific binding with BRD4 to promote Tat and P-TEFb association.  8. 2017
  • Impact of different fecal processing methods on assessments of bacterial diversity in the human intestine.  7. 2016
  • Discovery of bioactive metabolites in biofuel microalgae that offer protection against predatory bacteria.  7. 2016
  • An abundance of Epsilonproteobacteria revealed in the gut microbiome of the laboratory cultured sea urchin, Lytechinus variegatus.  6. 2015
  • CD4:CD8 lymphocyte ratio as a quantitative measure of immunologic health in HIV-1 infection: Findings from an African cohort with prospective data.  6. 2015
  • Editorial: Role of lipids in virus assembly.  6. 2015
  • Structural and molecular determinants of HIV-1 Gag binding to the plasma membrane.  6. 2015
  • Silver polyvinyl pyrrolidone nanoparticles exhibit a capsular polysaccharide influenced bactericidal effect against Streptococcus pneumoniae.  5. 2014
  • Role of the HIV-1 matrix protein in Gag intracellular trafficking and targeting to the plasma membrane for virus assembly.  3. 2012
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