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  • Unpacking variation in lie prevalence: Prolific liars, bad lie days, or both? 2021
  • A multitrait-multimethod validity assessment of the verbal aggressiveness and argumentativeness scales.  76:443-462. 2009
  • Sample sizes and effect sizes are negatively correlated in meta-analyses: Evidence and implications of a publication bias against nonsignificant findings.  76:286-302. 2009
  • Deception detection accuracy is a predictable linear function of message veracity base-rate: A formal test of park and levine's probability model.  73:243-260. 2006
  • The dimensionality of the verbal aggressiveness scale.  71:245-268. 2004
  • The overestimation of effect sizes from F values in meta-analysis: The cause and a solution.  70:52-67. 2003
  • To stay or to leave? The role of attachment styles in communication patterns and potential termination of romantic relationships following discovery of deception.  69:236-252. 2002
  • What can we learn from the study of twins about genetic and environmental influences on interpersonal affiliation, aggressiveness, and social anxiety?: A meta-analytic study.  69:1-18. 2002
  • How people really detect lies.  69:144-157. 2002
  • One-tailed F-tests in communication research.  69:132-143. 2002
  • A probability model of accuracy in deception detection experiments.  68:201-210. 2001
  • The effects of power and message variables on compliance.  68:28-48. 2001
  • Beyond genre theory: The genesis of rhetorical action.  67:178-192. 2000
  • Norms, expectations, and deception: A norm violation model of veracity judgments.  67:123-137. 2000
  • Accuracy in detecting truths and lies: Documenting the "veracity effect".  66:125-144. 1999
  • The theory of reasoned action and self-construal: Evidence from three cultures.  66. 1999
  • Speaking of information manipulation: A critical rejoiner.  63:83-92. 1996
  • When the alteration of information is viewed as deception: An empirical test of information manipulation theory.  59:17-29. 1992
  • When lies are uncovered: Emotional and relational outcomes of discovered deception.  57:119-138. 1990
  • Measuring Trait Communication Apprehension: A Test Of Rival Measurement Models Of The Prca-24.  57:62-72. 1990
  • When lovers become leery: The relationship between suspicion and accuracy in detecting deception.  57:219-230. 1990
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