Journal of Microbiological Methods


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  • A simple cell-based high throughput screening (HTS) assay for inhibitors of Salmonella enterica RNA polymerase containing the general stress response regulator RpoS (σ S ).  150:1-4. 2018
  • Comparison of two bioinformatics tools used to characterize the microbial diversity and predictive functional attributes of microbial mats from Lake Obersee, Antarctica.  140:15-22. 2017
  • Metagenomics approach to the study of the gut microbiome structure and function in zebrafish Danio rerio fed with gluten formulated diet.  135:69-76. 2017
  • Shaken or stirred?: Comparison of methods for dispersion of Mycoplasma pneumoniae aggregates for persistence in vivo.  132:56-62. 2017
  • Microbial signatures of oral dysbiosis, periodontitis and edentulism revealed by Gene Meter methodology.  131:85-101. 2016
  • Genetic Diversity and Evidence for Transmission of Streptococcus mutans by DiversiLab rep-PCR.  128:108-117. 2016
  • Development of a web-based tool for automated processing and cataloging of a unique combinatorial drug screen.  126:30-34. 2016
  • Distinctive thanatomicrobiome signatures found in the blood and internal organs of humans.  106:1-7. 2014
  • Mutans streptococci enumeration and genotype selection using different bacitracin-containing media.  103:53-57. 2014
  • Quantification of confocal images of biofilms grown on irregular surfaces.  100:111-120. 2014
  • Use of hidden correlations in short oligonucleotide array data are insufficient for accurate quantification of nucleic acid targets in complex target mixtures.  76:188-195. 2009
  • Simultaneous quantification of multiple nucleic acid targets in complex rRNA mixtures using high density microarrays and nonspecific hybridization as a source of information.  75:92-102. 2008
  • Concentration dependency of nonequilibrium thermal dissociation curves in complex target samples.  74:82-88. 2008
  • The utility of affinity-tags for detection of a streptococcal protein from a variety of streptococcal species.  72:249-256. 2008
  • Development of a statistically robust quantification method for microorganisms in mixtures using oligonucleotide microarrays.  70:292-300. 2007
  • Genotypic characterization of Ureaplasma species by pulsed field gel electrophoresis.  67:606-610. 2006
  • In vitro comparison of agar and microbroth dilution methods for determination of MICs for Mycoplasma hominis.  60:285-288. 2005
  • Discovery of phage display peptide ligands for species-specific detection of Bacillus spores..  53:263-271. 2003
  • Neural computing in microbiology.  43:1-2. 2000
  • Factors influencing capacitance-based monitoring of microbial growth.  37:51-64. 1999
  • Hypothetical model for monitoring microbial growth by using capacitance measurements - A minireview.  37:45-49. 1999
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