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  • Personal-Professional Boundaries and Ethical Issues in Palliative Care.  19:60-62. 2019
  • Physician Aid-in-Dying and Suicide Prevention in Psychiatry: A Moral Imperative Over a Crisis.  19:68-70. 2019
  • N-of-1 Precision Medicine and Research Oversight.  19:36-37. 2019
  • Communication Education, Modeling, and Protocols Transform Clinicians to Agents of Empowerment.  17:40-42. 2017
  • Harm and Parental Permission: A Response to Our Critics.  17:W1-W4. 2017
  • Reasons to Amplify the Role of Parental Permission in Pediatric Treatment.  17:6-14. 2017
  • Nonmaleficence, Nondisclosure, and Nocebo: Response to Open Peer Commentaries.  17:W4-W5. 2017
  • When Respecting Autonomy Is Harmful: A Clinically Useful Approach to the Nocebo Effect.  17:36-42. 2017
  • Can Anyone Be Prepared Enough for Life With an LVAD-DT?.  17:14-16. 2017
  • Lack of Agreement With What We Think Is Right Does Not Necessarily Equal an Ethical Problem: Respecting Patients’ Goals of Care.  16:13-15. 2016
  • Pediatric Clinical Ethics Consultations at an Academic Medical Center: Does One Size Fit All?.  15:20-24. 2015
  • Beyond Transplantation: Considering Brain Death as a Hard Clinical Endpoint.  14:43-45. 2014
  • Physicians' Dual Agency, Stewardship, and Marginally Beneficial Care.  14:49-51. 2014
  • Political Activism is not Mandated by Medical Professionalism.  14:51-53. 2014
  • Don't Ban the Sunset in Pharmaceutical Advertising If It Doesn't Darken the Sky.  13:27-30. 2013
  • Health Care Ethics Consultation Competences and Standards: A Roadmap Still Needing a Compass.  13:20-22. 2013
  • Honesty Is an Internal Norm of Medical Practice and the Best Policy.  12:15-17. 2012
  • Clarifying the Dispute over Academic-Industry Relationships.  11:47-49. 2011
  • Response to open peer commentaries on "The pitfalls of deducing ethics from economics: Why the association of American medical colleges is wrong about pharmaceutical detailing".  10. 2010
  • The pitfalls of deducing ethics from behavioral economics: Why the association of american medical colleges is wrong about pharmaceutical detailing.  10:1-8. 2010
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