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  • Fore-aft resistance applied at the center of mass using a novel robotic interface proportionately increases propulsive force generation in healthy nonimpaired individuals walking at a constant speed.  16. 2019
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  • Maximum walking speeds obtained using treadmill and overground robot system in persons with post-stroke hemiplegia.  9. 2012
  • Recent trends in assistive technology for mobility.  9. 2012
  • Structures promoting research, training, and technology transfer in mobility: Lessons learned from a visit to European centers.  9. 2012
  • Major trends in mobility technology research and development: overview of the results of the NSF-WTEC European study..  9:22. 2012
  • Why do we need improved mobility technology?.  9:16. 2012
  • Overground walking speed changes when subjected to body weight support conditions for nonimpaired and post stroke individuals.  7. 2010
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