Briefings in Bioinformatics


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  • Comprehensive assessment of machine learning-based methods for predicting antimicrobial peptides.  22. 2021
  • DeepBL: A deep learning-based approach for in silico discovery of beta-lactamases.  22. 2021
  • DeepVF: A deep learning-based hybrid framework for identifying virulence factors using the stacking strategy.  22. 2021
  • Cardioinformatics: The nexus of bioinformatics and precision cardiology.  21:2031-2051. 2020
  • ILearn: An integrated platform and meta-learner for feature engineering, machine-learning analysis and modeling of DNA, RNA and protein sequence data.  21:1047-1057. 2020
  • PRISMOID: A comprehensive 3D structure database for post-translational modifications and mutations with functional impact.  21:1069-1079. 2020
  • Computational analysis and prediction of lysine malonylation sites by exploiting informative features in an integrative machine-learning framework.  20:2185-2199. 2019
  • Large-scale comparative assessment of computational predictors for lysine post-translational modification sites.  20:2267-2290. 2019
  • Twenty years of bioinformatics research for protease-specific substrate and cleavage site prediction: A comprehensive revisit and benchmarking of existing methods.  20:2150-2166. 2019
  • A comprehensive review and performance evaluation of bioinformatics tools for HLA class I peptide-binding prediction.  21:1119-1135. 2019
  • Comprehensive assessment and performance improvement of effector protein predictors for bacterial secretion systems III, IV and VI.  19:148-161. 2018
  • Systematic analysis and prediction of type IV secreted effector proteins by machine learning approaches.  20:931-951. 2017
  • Sequence analysis by iterated maps, a review.  15:369-375. 2014
  • The Rat Genome Database 2013-data, tools and users.  14:520-526. 2013
  • Domain mobility in proteins: Functional and evolutionary implications.  10:205-216. 2009
  • Modelling and simulation techniques for membrane biology.  8:234-244. 2007
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