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  • Environmental Pollutant Benzo[a]pyrene Induces Recurrent Pregnancy Loss through Promoting Apoptosis and Suppressing Migration of Extravillous Trophoblast.  2020. 2020
  • Hypodontia: An Update on Its Etiology, Classification, and Clinical Management.  2017. 2017
  • Magnetic resonance elastography shear wave velocity correlates with liver fibrosis and hepatic venous pressure gradient in adults with advanced liver disease.  2017. 2017
  • "i always worry about what might happen ahead": Implementing safer conception services in the current environment of reproductive counseling for HIV-affected men and women in Uganda.  2016. 2016
  • Molecular Diagnostics for Precision Medicine in Colorectal Cancer: Current Status and Future Perspective.  2016. 2016
  • The Effects of Hemodynamic Changes on Pulse Wave Velocity in Cardiothoracic Surgical Patients.  2016. 2016
  • Comparative Analysis of Methods to Induce Myocardial Infarction in a Closed-Chest Rabbit Model.  2015. 2015
  • Highly Flexible Silicone Coated Neural Array for Intracochlear Electrical Stimulation.  2015. 2015
  • Arterial elasticity, strength, fatigue, and endurance in older women.  2014. 2014
  • Aging and longevity between genetic background and lifestyle intervention.  2014. 2014
  • Biomedical data integration, modeling, and simulation in the era of big data and translational medicine.  2014. 2014
  • KPG index versus OPG measurements: A comparison between 3D and 2D methods in predicting treatment duration and difficulty level for patients with impacted maxillary canines.  2014. 2014
  • Multiparametric MRI in the PSA Screening Era.  2014. 2014
  • Risks for gestational diabetes mellitus and pregnancy-induced hypertension are increased in polycystic ovary syndrome.  2013. 2013
  • The role of neuropeptides in suicidal behavior: A systematic review.  2013. 2013
  • TB meningitis in HIV-positive patients in Europe and Argentina: Clinical dutcome and factors associated with mortality.  2013. 2013
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