Journal of Clinical Psychology in Medical Settings


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  • A Cross-Sectional Analysis of Tobacco Use and Concurrent Alcohol and Substance Use Among Patients Living with HIV/HCV Co-infection: Findings from a Large Urban Tertiary Center
  • A descriptive study of pain and quality of life following Guillain-BarrĂ© syndrome: One year later.  12:111-116.
  • Apathy is Associated with Critical Psychological Determinants of Medication Adherence in HIV Disease
  • Caregiver social problem solving abilities and family member adjustment following congestive heart failure.  11:151-157.
  • Coping strategies and psychological distress in cancer patients before autologous Bone Marrow Transplant.  3:355-366.
  • Coping, Attributions, and Health Functioning Among Adolescents with Chronic Illness and Their Parents: Reciprocal Relations Over Time.  26:495-506.
  • Depression following traumatic brain injury: The validity of the CES-D as a brief screening device.  11:195-201.
  • Do visually salient stimuli reduce children's risky decisions?.  16:223-232.
  • Early versus late onset of spinal cord injury among the elderly.  9:219-226.
  • Functional Neurological Symptom Disorder in Children and Adolescents within Medical Settings.  28:90-101.
  • Heart Transplant Candidates: A Neuropsychological Descriptive Database.  4:343-355.
  • Personality in Combination with Alcohol and Drug Use and Psychiatric Disorders to Predict Psychosocial Characteristics and Behaviors of Hepatitis C Patients.  28:161-167.
  • Profiles in problem solving: Psychological well-being and distress among persons with diabetes mellitus.  283.
  • Psychological defensiveness among heart transplant candidates.  7:167-174.
  • Psychosocial Considerations in Sickle Cell Disease (SCD): The Transition from Adolescence to Young Adulthood.  5:315-341.
  • Safety on the playground: Mechanisms through which adult supervision might prevent child playground injury.  135-143.
  • Self-report versus performance-based activities of daily living capacity among heart transplant candidates and their caregivers.  7:121-132.
  • Social problem-solving abilities and health behaviors among persons with recent-onset spinal cord injury.  11:7.
  • The Psychosocial Vulnerability Model as a Predictor of Coronary Artery Disease.  15:163-169.
  • The relationship between agentic and communal personality traits and psychosocial adjustment to breast cancer.  263-271.
  • The role of parental and adolescent attributions in adjustment of adolescents with chronic illness.  19:262-269.
  • Training Psychologists for a Future in Evolving Health Care Delivery Systems: Building a Better Boulder Model.  4:255-267.
  • Unintentional injury risk in children with externalizing behavior disorders at summer camp.  14:145-151.
  • Useful Field of View and Other Neurocognitive Indicators of Crash Risk in Older Adults.  5:425-440.
  • Using cognitive mapping to understand problems experienced by family caregivers of persons with severe physical disabilities.  11:141-150.
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