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  • ART adherence and viral suppression are high among most non-pregnant individuals with early-stage, asymptomatic HIV infection: an observational study from Uganda and South Africa.  22. 2019
  • High prevalence of binge drinking among people living with HIV in four African countries.  21. 2018
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  • Increased non-AIDS mortality among persons with AIDS-defining events after antiretroviral therapy initiation.  21. 2018
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  • HIV-affected couples and individuals who desire children should be offered options for safer conception.  20. 2017
  • Preventing HIV among adolescents with oral PrEP: Observations and challenges in the United States and South Africa.  19. 2016
  • Health outcomes among HIV-positive Latinos initiating antiretroviral therapy in North America versus Central and South America.  19. 2016
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  • Aflatoxin levels, plasma vitamins A and e concentrations, and their association with HIV and hepatitis B virus infections in Ghanaians: A cross-sectional study.  14. 2011
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