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  • Position Paper: Recommendations for the investigation, diagnosis, and certification of deaths related to opioid and other drugs.  41:152-159. 2020
  • Correctly identifying deaths due to drug toxicity without a forensic autopsy.  40:99-101. 2019
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  • Forensic genetic analysis of insect gut contents.  26:161-165. 2005
  • High urine ethanol and negative blood and vitreous ethanol in a diabetic woman: A case report, retrospective case survey, and review of the literature.  26:96-98. 2005
  • Investigation of elderly deaths in nursing homes by the medical examiner over a year.  25:209-212. 2004
  • Comparison of heart Mass in Seizure Patients Dying of Sudden Unexplained Death in Epilepsy to Sudden Death due to Some Other Cause.  25:23-28. 2004
  • Etiology of Pulmonary Thromboembolism in the Absence of Commonly Recognized Risk Factors.  24:329-333. 2003
  • Diagnosis of sudden unexplained death in epilepsy by immunohistochemical staining for prolactin in cerebral vessels.  24:28-31. 2003
  • Death during theft from electric utilities.  24:173-176. 2003
  • A review of methadone deaths in Jefferson County, Alabama.  23:299-304. 2002
  • Analysis of the incidence of pelvic trauma in fatal automobile accidents.  23:132-136. 2002
  • Case report of sudden death after a blow to the back of the neck.  22:13-18. 2001
  • Report on the 2003 revision of the U.S. Standard Certificate of Death.  22:38-42. 2001
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  • Mind your manners Part I: History of death certification and manner of death classification.  18:219-223. 1997
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