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  • Gastric Sclerosing Epithelioid Fibrosarcoma Harboring a Rare FUS-CREM Fusion.  29:565-570. 2021
  • Intramuscular Tenosynovial Giant Cell Tumor Harboring a Novel CSF1-CD96 Fusion Transcript 2021
  • Low-Grade Appendiceal Mucinous Neoplasms: A Single Institution Experience of 64 Cases With Clinical Follow-up and Correlation With the Current (Eighth Edition) AJCC Staging.  28:252-258. 2020
  • Focused Submission of Tissue for Radical Prostatectomy Following Multiparametric Magnetic Resonance Imaging/Ultrasound Fusion-Targeted Biopsy.  28:44-50. 2020
  • Malignant Ewing-Like Neoplasm With an EWSR1-KLF15 Fusion: At the Crossroads of a Myoepithelial Carcinoma and a Ewing-Like Sarcoma. A Case Report With Treatment Options.  26:440-447. 2018
  • Secondary Malignancies of the Bladder: Avoiding the Diagnostic Pitfall.  26:120-125. 2018
  • Dichorionic Twins Discordant for Massive Perivillous Fibrinoid Deposition: Report of a Case and Review of the Literature.  26:41-46. 2018
  • Second Opinion Expert Pathology Review in Bladder Cancer: Implications for Patient Care.  26:12-17. 2018
  • Cutaneous Mixed Tumor and Recurrent Laryngeal Squamous Cell Carcinoma With Tyrosine-Rich Crystalloids: The Good, the Bad, and the Pretty.  25:696-697. 2017
  • Primary CNS Nonamyloidogenic Light Chain Deposition Disease: Case Report and Brief Review.  25:755-760. 2017
  • Spectrum of Clinicopathological Deviations in Long-Segment Hirschsprung Disease Compared with Short-Segment Hirschsprung Disease: A Single-Institution Study.  25:216-221. 2017
  • Complete Tissue Submission to Increase Lymph Node Detection in Pelvic Lymph Node Packets Submitted for Patients Undergoing Radical Prostatectomy and Radical Cystectomy.  25:12-17. 2017
  • Primary Sellar Rhabdomyosarcoma Arising in Association with a Pituitary Adenoma.  24:753-756. 2016
  • Primary Colon Adenosquamous Carcinoma in a Patient with Lynch Syndrome: A New Histologic Subtype Associated with Microsatellite Instability?.  24:653-655. 2016
  • Comparison of biochemical recurrence-free survival between periprostatic and pelvic lymph node metastases of prostate cancer.  21:352-357. 2013
  • Head and neck mucosal malignant melanoma: Clinicopathologic correlation with contemporary review of prognostic indicators.  20:37-46. 2012
  • Prostate melanosis associated with acinar adenocarcinoma.  18:379-380. 2010
  • Aggressive osteoblastoma: A case report involving a unique chromosomal aberration.  18:219-224. 2010
  • Cystic hypersecretory carcinoma of the breast with Paget disease of the nipple: A diagnostic challenge.  16:208-212. 2008
  • Fat-predominant mixed epithelial stromal tumor (MEST): Report of a unique case mimicking angiomyolipoma.  16:73-77. 2008
  • The correlation between the tumor necrosis and renal artery changes in renal cell carcinoma.  14:312-319. 2006
  • Unusual renal pathology associated with a Wilms tumor in a 15-month-old infant.  14:218-220. 2006
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