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  • Transcription Factor β-Catenin Plays a Key Role in Fluid Flow Shear Stress-Mediated Glomerular Injury in Solitary Kidney.  10. 2021
  • Altered Expression of Mitoferrin and Frataxin, Larger Labile Iron Pool and Greater Mitochondrial DNA Damage in the Skeletal Muscle of Older Adults.  9. 2020
  • Quick, Coordinated and Authentic Reprogramming of Ribosome Biogenesis during iPSC Reprogramming.  9. 2020
  • Exploring the Roles of lncRNAs in GBM Pathophysiology and Their Therapeutic Potential.  9. 2020
  • Nuclear Heparanase Regulates Chromatin Remodeling, Gene Expression and PTEN Tumor Suppressor Function.  9. 2020
  • Selective Targeting of the Hedgehog Signaling Pathway by PBM Nanoparticles in Docetaxel-Resistant Prostate Cancer.  9. 2020
  • Nano-Vesicle (Mis)Communication in Senescence-Related Pathologies.  9. 2020
  • Chemically Functionalized Water-Soluble Single-Walled Carbon Nanotubes Obstruct Vesicular/Plasmalemmal Recycling in Astrocytes Down-Stream of Calcium Ions.  9. 2020
  • Lung Tumor Cell-Derived Exosomes Promote M2 Macrophage Polarization.  9. 2020
  • Deletion of Cardiomyocyte Glycogen Synthase Kinase-3 Beta (GSK-3β) Improves Systemic Glucose Tolerance with Maintained Heart Function in Established Obesity.  9. 2020
  • Diurnal Rhythmicity of Autophagy Is Impaired in the Diabetic Retina.  9. 2020
  • Lack of Overt Retinal Degeneration in a K42E Dhdds Knock-In Mouse Model of RP59.  9. 2020
  • Role and Mechanisms of Mitophagy in Liver Diseases.  9. 2020
  • Selective Ablation of Dehydrodolichyl Diphosphate Synthase in Murine Retinal Pigment Epithelium (RPE) Causes RPE Atrophy and Retinal Degeneration.  9. 2020
  • Innate and Autoimmunity in the Pathogenesis of Inherited Retinal Dystrophy.  9. 2020
  • Advanced Age Is Associated with Iron Dyshomeostasis and Mitochondrial DNA Damage in Human Skeletal Muscle.  8. 2019
  • MicroRNAs and Epigenetics Strategies to Reverse Breast Cancer.  8. 2019
  • A Novel Assay for Profiling GBM Cancer Model Heterogeneity and Drug Screening..  8. 2019
  • Regulating the BCL2 Family to Improve Sensitivity to Microtubule Targeting Agents..  8. 2019
  • Targeting Telomeres and Telomerase: Studies in Aging and Disease Utilizing CRISPR/Cas9 Technology..  8. 2019
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