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  • Factors influencing referrals for ultrasound-diagnosed complications during prenatal care in five low and middle income countries.  15. 2018
  • The project to understand and research preterm pregnancy outcomes and stillbirths in South Asia (PURPOSe): A protocol of a prospective, cohort study of causes of mortality among preterm births and stillbirths.  15. 2018
  • Trends and determinants of stillbirth in developing countries: Results from the Global Network's Population-Based Birth Registry.  15. 2018
  • Muslim Women's use of contraception in the United States.  15:1. 2018
  • The global network antenatal corticosteroids trial: Impact on stillbirth.  13. 2016
  • Use of antenatal corticosteroids at health facilities and communities in low-and-middle income countries.  13. 2016
  • The Antenatal Corticosteroids Trial (ACT)'s explanations for neonatal mortality - A secondary analysis.  13. 2016
  • The Antenatal Corticosteroids Trial (ACT): A secondary analysis to explore site differences in a multi-country trial.  13. 2016
  • Trends in the incidence of possible severe bacterial infection and case fatality rates in rural communities in Sub-Saharan Africa, South Asia and Latin America, 2010-2013: A multicenter prospective cohort study.  13. 2016
  • A prospective observational description of frequency and timing of antenatal care attendance and coverage of selected interventions from sites in Argentina, Guatemala, India, Kenya, Pakistan and Zambia.  12. 2015
  • A prospective population-based study of maternal, fetal, and neonatal outcomes in the setting of prolonged labor, obstructed labor and failure to progress in low- and middle-income countries.  12. 2015
  • Adverse maternal and perinatal outcomes in adolescent pregnancies: The Global Network's Maternal Newborn Health Registry study.  12. 2015
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  • Lost to follow-up among pregnant women in a multi-site community based maternal and newborn health registry: A prospective study.  12. 2015
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  • Rates and determinants of early initiation of breastfeeding and exclusive breast feeding at 42 days postnatal in six low and middle-income countries: A prospective cohort study.  12. 2015
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