Physical Review D


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  • First study of the two-body scattering involving charm hadrons.  106. 2022
  • Validating the improved angular resolution of the GRAPES-3 air shower array by observing the Moon shadow in cosmic rays.  106. 2022
  • Charm-quark fragmentation fractions and production cross section at midrapidity in pp collisions at the LHC.  105. 2022
  • Electromagnetic field fluctuation and its correlation with the participant plane in Au+Au and isobaric collisions at sNN =200 GeV.  104. 2021
  • Amplitude analysis of the B+ →π+π+π- decay.  101. 2020
  • Updated measurement of decay-time-dependent CP asymmetries in D0 →k+K- A nd D0 →π+π-decays.  101. 2020
  • Combined measurements of Higgs boson production and decay using up to 80 fb-1 of proton-proton collision data at √s =13 TeV collected with the ATLAS experiment.  101. 2020
  • Measurement of the Bc− meson production fraction and asymmetry in 7 and 13 TeV pp collisions.  100. 2019
  • Search for a heavy charged boson in events with a charged lepton and missing transverse momentum from pp collisions at s =13 TeV with the ATLAS detector.  100. 2019
  • Measurements of the transverse-momentum-dependent cross sections of J /ψ production at mid-rapidity in proton+proton collisions at s =510 and 500 GeV with the STAR detector.  100. 2019
  • Properties of jet fragmentation using charged particles measured with the ATLAS detector in pp collisions at s =13 TeV.  100. 2019
  • Longitudinal double-spin asymmetry for inclusive jet and dijet production in pp collisions at s =510 GeV.  100. 2019
  • Measurement of b hadron fractions in 13 TeV pp collisions.  100. 2019
  • Precision measurement of the Λc+, Ξc+, and Ξc0 baryon lifetimes.  100. 2019
  • Search for chargino and neutralino production in final states with a Higgs boson and missing transverse momentum at s =13 TeV with the ATLAS detector.  100. 2019
  • Measurement of the relative B- →d0 /D∗0 /D∗∗0μ- ν μ branching fractions using B- mesons from B s2∗0 decays.  99. 2019
  • Measurement of B+, B0 and Λb0 production in pPb collisions at sNN =8.16 TeV.  99. 2019
  • Measurement of the mass and production rate of Ξb- baryons.  99. 2019
  • Measurement of the differential cross sections for W -boson production in association with jets in p p collisions at s =1.96 TeV MEASUREMENT of the DIFFERENTIAL CROSS ⋯ T. AALTONEN et al..  98. 2018
  • Combined search for the Higgs boson with the D0 experiment.  88:052011. 2013
  • Measurement of the ZZ production cross section and search for the standard model Higgs boson in the four lepton final state in pp¯ collisions.  88:032008. 2013
  • Model independent search for new phenomena in pp¯ collisions at s=1.96 TeV.  85:092015. 2012
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