International Journal of Oral and Maxillofacial Implants


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  • Retentive force of zirconia implant crowns on titanium bases following different surface treatments.  33:530-535. 2018
  • Clinical assessment of bone quality of human extraction sockets after conversion with growth.  30:196-201. 2015
  • The effect of contamination of implant screws on reverse torque.  30:1054-1060. 2015
  • Comparing variable-length polyglutamate domains to anchor an osteoinductive collagen-mimetic peptide to diverse bone grafting materials.  29:1437-1445. 2014
  • Using growth factors in human extraction sockets: A histologic and histomorphometric evaluation of short-term healing.  29:485-496. 2014
  • Initial clinical efficacy of 3-mm implants immediately placed into function in conditions of limited spacing.  23:281-288. 2008
  • Biomechanical response of implant systems placed in the maxillary posterior region under various conditions of angulation, bone density, and loading.  23:57-64. 2008
  • Comparison of 7 luting protocols and their effect on the retention and marginal leakage of a cement-retained dental implant restoration.  21:587-592. 2006
  • A comparison of hydroxyapatite (HA) -coated threaded, HA-coated cylindric, and titanium threaded endosseous dental implants.  18:406-410. 2003
  • Influence of Implant Geometry and Surface Characteristics on Progressive Osseointegration.  17:811-815. 2002
  • Analysis of TI-6Al-4V Implants Place with Fibroblast Growth Factor 1 in Rat Tibiae.  16:495-502. 2001
  • Bone Response to Titanium Alloy Implants Placed in Diabetic Rats.  15:345-354. 2000
  • Cleaning and Heat-Treatment Effects on Unalloyed Titanium Implant Surfaces.  15:219-230. 2000
  • An SEM evaluation of the in-vitro effects of an air-abrasive system on various implant surfaces.  6:1-11. 1991
  • An SEM evaluation of the in-vitro effects of an air-abrasive system on various implant surfaces.  6:463-469. 1991
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