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Year Title Altmetric
2021 Are tracking eye movements driven by an internal model of target motion ?Journal of Vision.  21:1839. 2021
2021 Bilateral control of interceptive saccades: evidence from the ipsipulsion of vertical saccades after caudal fastigial inactivation.Journal of Neurophysiology.  125:2068-2083. 2021
2020 Neural control of rapid binocular eye movements: Saccade-vergence burst neurons 2020
2019 Central mesencephalic reticular formation control of the near response: Lens accommodation circuitsJournal of Neurophysiology.  121:1692-1703. 2019
2018 Pursuit disorder and saccade dysmetria after caudal fastigial inactivation in the monkey.Journal of Neurophysiology.  120:1640-1654. 2018
2018 The caudal fastigial nucleus and the steering of saccades toward a moving visual target.Journal of Neurophysiology.  120:421-438. 2018
2016 Learning the trajectory of a moving visual target and evolution of its tracking in the monkey.Journal of Neurophysiology.  116:2739-2751. 2016
2015 Does the Brain Extrapolate the Position of a Transient Moving Target? 2015
2015 Cerebellar control of saccade dynamics: contribution of the fastigial oculomotor region.Journal of Neurophysiology.  113:3323-3336. 2015
2013 Cognitive regulation of saccadic velocity by reward prospect.European Journal of Neuroscience.  38:2434-2444. 2013
2010 The locus of motor activity in the superior colliculus of the rhesus monkey is unaltered during saccadic adaptation. 2010
2010 Fastigial oculomotor region and the control of foveation during fixation.Journal of Neurophysiology.  103:1988-2001. 2010
2009 Electrical microstimulation of the fastigial oculomotor region in the head-unrestrained monkey.Journal of Neurophysiology.  102:320-336. 2009
2007 Head-unrestrained gaze shifts after muscimol injection in the caudal fastigial nucleus of the monkey.Journal of Neurophysiology.  98:3269-3283. 2007
2006 Influence of background illumination on fixation and visually guided saccades in the rhesus monkey.Vision Research.  46:149-162. 2006
2005 Saccade dysmetria in head-unrestrained gaze shifts after muscimol inactivation of the caudal fastigial nucleus in the monkey.Journal of Neurophysiology.  93:2343-2349. 2005
2003 Visuo-motor deficits induced by fastigial nucleus inactivation. 2003

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  • Julie Quinet