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Year Title Altmetric
2018 Educating Physicians for Rural America: Validating Successes and Identifying Remaining Challenges With the Rural Medical Scholars Program 2018
2017 The Relationship Between Third-year Clerkship Allocation Method and Specialty Choice 2017
2015 Integration of gross anatomy in an organ system-based medical curriculum: Strategies and challenges 2015
2011 The rural medical scholars program study: Data to inform rural health policy 2011
2007 Rural health leaders pipeline, 1990-2005: Case study of a second-generation rural medical education program 2007
2005 Do factors that are important during obstetrics and gynecology residency program selection differ by applicant gender? 2005
2004 Assessing the impact of a comprehensive sexually transmitted disease curriculum on learning outcomes 2004
2004 Low attendance by basic science educators at medical education meetings 2004
2004 The Influence of Quality-of-Life, Academic, and Workplace Factors on Residency Program Selection 2004
2003 Premedical education: The contribution of small local colleges 2003
1996 Relationships among Performance Scores of Four Diagnostic Decision Support Systems 1996
1996 Relationships among performance scores of four diagnostic decision support systems. 1996
1994 Performance of four computer-based diagnostic systems 1994
1994 Reliability and validity of a newly developed test of physical work performance 1994
1993 Comparison of problem-based and traditional education on student performance in the obstetrics and gynecology clerkship 1993
1993 Use of self ‐ administered joint counts in the evaluation of rheumatoid arthritis patients 1993
1992 Organizational planning: A program evaluation survey of AACE members 1992
1991 Contraceptive female sterilization in Alabama: A replication of the WHO study 1991
1991 Psychosocial Impact of Tubal Ligation in Alabama Women 1991
1990 A comparison of prone and sitting on heart rates, respiration rates, and arterial oxygen saturation levels of premature infants 1990
1990 Biennial survey of clinical nutrition training programs 1990
1990 Effect of helium-neon laser auriculotherapy on experimental pain threshold 1990
1990 Effects of auricular acupuncture-like transcutaneous electric nerve stimulation on pain levels following wound care in patients with burns: A pilot study 1990
1990 Rheumatology algorithms for primary care physicians 1990
1990 Rheumatology algorithms for primary care physicians 1990
1989 Placebo effect in TENS study? (I: reply) 1989
1989 Academic performance of reapplicants to a medical school 1989
1989 Balance performance and step width in noninstitutionalized, elderly, female fallers and nonfallers 1989
1989 Comparison of effects of transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation of auricular, somatic, and the combination of auricular and somatic acupuncture points on experimental pain threshold 1989
1989 Effects of auricular transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation on distal extremity pain: A pilot study 1989
1989 Evaluation Issues in the Development of Expert Systems in Medicine 1989
1989 Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation in the relief of primary dysmenorrhea 1989
1988 Effect of transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation at auricular points on experimental cutaneous pain threshold 1988
1988 Electrical conductance at auricular acupuncture points during dysmenorrhea 1988
1987 Effects of unilateral and bilateral auricular transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation on cutaneous pain threshold 1987
1986 Continuing Medical Education Using Clinical Algorithms: A Controlled-Trial Assessment of Effect on Neonatal Care 1986
1985 Relationships among the mcat reading subtest, nelson-denny reading test, and medical school achievement 1985
1985 Relationships among the mcat reading subtest, nelson-denny reading test, and medical school achievement 1985
1982 The relationship between prior clerkship experience and student performance in medicine clerkships Implications for grading 1982
1981 Validity of the new MCAT for predicting GPA and NBME Part I examination performance 1981
1981 Validity of the new mcat for predicting gpa and nbme part i examination performance 1981

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  • James Jackson