Selected Publications

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Year Title Altmetric
2019 Developing a Theoretical Framework for a Complex Maternal–Child Health Intervention: Health Beginning Initiative 2019
2018 Measuring women's empowerment in Sub-Saharan Africa: Exploratory and Confirmatory Factor Analyses of the demographic and health surveys 2018
2018 Resilience in American Indian and Alaska Native Public Health: An Underexplored Framework 2018
2018 Sexual and reproductive health priorities of adolescent girls in Lagos, Nigeria: Findings from free-listing interviews 2018
2017 Structural barriers in access to medical marijuana in the USA-a systematic review protocol 2017
2017 Primary prevention interventions for reducing school violence 2017
2017 Prevalence of Caesarean sections in Enugu, southeast Nigeria: Analysis of data from the Healthy Beginning Initiative 2017
2017 What do You Need to Get Male Partners of Pregnant Women Tested for HIV in Resource Limited Settings? The Baby Shower Cluster Randomized Trial 2017
2017 Association between measures of women's empowerment and use of modern contraceptives: An analysis of Nigeria's demographic and health surveys 2017
2016 Predictors of HIV testing among youth in sub-Saharan Africa: A cross-sectional study 2016
2016 Contraceptive use and uptake of HIV-Testing among sub-saharan african women 2016
2016 Interventions for preventing unintended pregnancies among adolescents 2016
2016 Antenatal care and uptake of HIV testing among pregnant women in sub-Saharan Africa: A cross-sectional study 2016
2016 Prenatal exposure to cannabis and maternal and child health outcomes: A systematic review and meta-analysis 2016
2016 Using a cultural framework to understand factors influencing HIV testing in Nigeria 2016
2015 National studies as a component of the World Health Organization initiative to estimate the global and regional burden of foodborne disease 2015
2015 Population-based prevalence of malaria among pregnant women in Enugu State, Nigeria: The Healthy Beginning Initiative 2015
2015 Impact of male partner's awareness and support for contraceptives on female intent to use contraceptives in southeast Nigeria Health behavior, health promotion and society 2015
2015 Hand washing promotion for preventing diarrhoea 2015
2015 Integrating mental health screening into routine community maternal and child health activity: experience from Prevention of Mother-to-child HIV transmission (PMTCT) trial in Nigeria 2015
2015 Effect of a congregation-based intervention on uptake of HIV testing and linkage to care in pregnant women in Nigeria (Baby Shower): A cluster randomised trial 2015
2015 The effects of prenatal cannabis exposure on fetal development and pregnancy outcomes: A protocol 2015
2015 World Health Organization Global Estimates and Regional Comparisons of the Burden of Foodborne Disease in 2010 2015
2014 Training and deployment of lay refugee/internally displaced persons to provide basic health services in camps: a systematic review. 2014
2014 Intimate partner violence and HIV infection among women: a systematic review and meta-analysis. 2014
2014 Training and deployment of lay refugee/internally displaced persons to provide basic health services in camps: A systematic review 2014
2013 Factors Associated with the Acceptability of Male Circumcision among Men in Jamaica 2013
2012 Sexual violence and associated factors among women in HIV discordant and concordant relationships in Uganda 2012
2012 Socio-demographic determinants of aflatoxin B1-lysine adduct levels among pregnant women in Kumasi, Ghana. 2012
2010 Association between anemia and aflatoxin B 1 biomarker levels among pregnant women in Kumasi, Ghana 2010
2010 Malaria, intestinal helminths and other risk factors for stillbirth in Ghana 2010
2010 Association between birth outcomes and aflatoxin B1 biomarker blood levels in pregnant women in Kumasi, Ghana 2010
2010 The effect of malaria and intestinal helminth coinfection on birth outcomes in Kumasi, Ghana 2010
2009 Malaria and intestinal helminth co-infection among pregnant women in Ghana: Prevalence and risk factors 2009
2009 HIV/AIDS-related stigma in Kumasi, Ghana 2009
2009 Interventions for preventing unintended pregnancies among adolescents. 2009
2008 Hand washing for preventing diarrhoea. 2008
2008 Hand washing for preventing diarrhoea 2008
2007 Primary prevention interventions for reducing school violence 2007
2007 Prevalence and correlates of depressive symptoms among high school students in Hanover, Jamaica 2007
2006 Health effects of long-term exposure to insecticide-treated mosquito nets in the control of malaria in endemic regions, revised 2006
2006 Interventions to increase booster seat use among 4-8 year olds: A Cochrane review 2006
2006 Interventions to Increase Children's Booster Seat Use. A Review 2006
2006 Ethical challenges in ecological policy: Global thinking and local action 2006
2006 Interventions for promoting booster seat use in four to eight year olds traveling in motor vehicles. 2006
2006 Road traffic injuries: Hidden epidemic in less developed countries 2006
2005 Sociocultural correlates of HIV/AIDS-related stigma in rural Jamaica 2005
2005 Trends in birth across high-parity groups by race/ethnicity and maternal age 2005
2005 AIDS-related stigma in sub-Saharan Africa: Its contexts and potential intervention strategies 2005
2005 High parity and adverse birth outcomes: Exploring the maze 2005
2005 Quality of child health services in primary health care facilities in south-east Nigeria 2005
2005 Biochemical evaluation of antioxidant function after a controlled optimum physical exercise among adolescents 2005
2005 Clinical microbiological aspects of epileptic seizures in the tropical countries with specific focus on Nigeria. 2005
2005 Extreme parity and the risk of stillbirth 2005
2005 High parity and fetal morbidity outcomes 2005
2005 Socioeconomic constraints to effective management of Burkitt's lymphoma in south-eastern Nigeria 2005
2004 Mass use of insecticide-treated bednets in malaria endemic poor countries: Public health concerns and remedies 2004
2004 Assessing the health effects of long-term exposure to insecticide-treated mosquito nets in the control of malaria in endemic regions. 2004
2004 Efficacy of sodium valproate in the treatment of photosensitive epilepsy (PSE) and the probable reasons for the persistence of occipital spikes. 2004
2004 Interventions to prevent HIV/AIDS among adolescents in less developed countries: Are they effective? 2004
2004 Mycotoxins and antifungal drug interactions: Implications in the treatment of illnesses due to indoor chronic toxigenic mold exposures 2004
2004 Predictors of sexual involvement among adolescents in rural Jamaica 2004
2004 Transition to adult care for adolescents with sickle cell disease: Results of a national survey 2004
2003 Biochemical changes in the serum of patients with chronic toxigenic mold exposures: a risk factor for multiple renal dysfunctions. 2003
2003 Photosensitive epilepsy beyond adolescence: Is freedom from photosensitivity age-dependent? 2003
2003 The neurological significance of abnormal natural killer cell activity in chronic toxigenic mold exposures. 2003
2003 Use of antenatal services in Kampung District, Cambodia. 2003
2002 Mothers' perspectives on the quality of postpartum care in Central Shanghai, China 2002
2001 Critical control points of complementary food preparation and handling in eastern Nigeria 2001
1999 Child health promotion in developing countries: The case for integration of environmental and social interventions? 1999
1999 Health information systems in developing countries: Benefits, problems, and prospects 1999
1998 Action on low immunization uptake 1998
1997 Tackling the cause of child accidents in the home. 1997
1997 Shaping the new generation of microbiological food safety professionals: Attitudes, education and training 1997
1997 A survey of HACCP implementation in Glasgow: Is the information reaching the target? 1997
1997 Evaluation of a food hygiene training course in Scotland 1997
1996 Food safety control: Overcoming barriers to wider use of hazard analysis 1996
1996 Hygiene training and education of food handlers: Does it work? 1996
1995 Food safety control in developing countries: does HACCP matter? 1995
1995 HACCP implementation in food businesses: The need for a flexible approach 1995
1995 Implementation of HACCP in food businesses: the way ahead 1995
1995 The role of health visitors in the prevention of home accidents involving children: time for a rethink? 1995
1994 Food safety control strategies: a critical review of traditional approaches 1994


Year Title Altmetric
2009 An agenda for child health policy in developing countries.  533-541. 2009
2009 Evidence-based maternal and child health.  361-373. 2009
2009 Harmful traditional practices and women's health: Female genital mutilation.  167-189. 2009
2009 Integrated management of childhood illness.  497-514. 2009
2009 Malaria in women and children.  205-223. 2009
2009 Maternal and child health in the organization for economic cooperation and development (OECD) countries.  53-81. 2009
2009 Unintentional injuries in children.  341-357. 2009

Education And Training

  • Doctor of Philosophy in Public Health, 1997
  • Master of Science in Public Policy Analysis, 1994
  • Master of Public Health, 1992
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  • John Ehiri