Selected Publications

Academic Article

Year Title Altmetric
2020 Pharmacies and features of the built environment associated with opioid overdose: A geospatial comparison of rural and urban regions in Alabama, USAInternational Journal of Drug Policy.  79. 2020
2020 Using Reentry Simulations to Promote Changes in Attitude toward Offenders: Experiential Learning to Promote Successful ReentryAmerican Journal of Criminal Justice.  45:126-144. 2020
2019 It’s not so black and white: A conjunctive analysis of racial differences in incidents of prison misconduct 2019
2017 Street Culture and Gun Violence: Exploring the Reputation–Victimization Paradox 2017
2016 Parental Effects on the Exchange of Sex for Drugs or Money in AdolescentsAmerican Journal of Criminal Justice.  41:710-731. 2016
2016 How to Manage the Move from Associate to Full ProfessorJournal of Criminal Justice Education.  27:255-270. 2016
2016 Bringing the physical environment back into neighborhood research: The utility of RTM for developing an aggregate neighborhood risk of crime measureJournal of Criminal Justice.  44:21-29. 2016
2016 Effects of Self-Control, Social Control, and Social Learning on Sexting Behavior Among South Korean YouthsYouth and Society.  48:242-264. 2016
2015 Juvenile offenders: An examination of distance-to-crime and crime clustersCartography and Geographic Information Science.  42:122-133. 2015
2014 How to Be a Successful MentorJournal of Contemporary Criminal Justice.  30:427-442. 2014
2014 The Likelihood of Arrest: A Routine Activity Theory ApproachAmerican Journal of Criminal Justice.  39:450-470. 2014
2012 An Examination of the Influence of Strength of Evidence Variables in the Prosecution's Decision to Dismiss Driving While Intoxicated CasesAmerican Journal of Criminal Justice.  37:562-579. 2012
2012 Predicting Preadjudication Detention Decisions: An Examination of Family Status and RaceJournal of Ethnicity in Criminal Justice.  10:87-107. 2012
2012 Sympathy for the Devil: An Exploration of Federal Judicial Discretion in the Processing of White-Collar OffendersAmerican Journal of Criminal Justice.  37:4-18. 2012
2011 Utilizing Criminal History Information to Explore the Effect of Community Notification on Sex Offender RecidivismJustice Quarterly.  28:303-324. 2011
2009 The BMI as a somatotypic measure of physique: A rejoinder to Jeremy E.C. Genovese 2009
2008 Federal law enforcement careers: Laying the groundworkJournal of Criminal Justice Education.  19:110-135. 2008
2008 Journal editors and journal writers: Service vs publication as a measure of faculty and department productivityJournal of Criminal Justice Education.  19:251-274. 2008
2008 Does size really matter?. A reexamination of Sheldon's somatotypes and criminal behavior 2008
2008 The influence of sex offender registration and notification laws in the United States: A time-series analysisCrime and Delinquency.  54:175-192. 2008
2007 Advancing science and research in criminal justice/criminology: Complex systems theory and non-linear analysesJustice Quarterly.  24:555-581. 2007
2006 Sentencing practices under the Arkansas sentencing guideline structureJournal of Criminal Justice.  34:493-506. 2006
2003 Atwater v. City of Lago Vista: Police Authority to Make Warrantless Misdemeanor ArrestsJournal of Contemporary Criminal Justice.  19:239-252. 2003
2003 From the field: Academic-led delinquency prevention program delivery: An overview of the southern region violence and substance abuse prevention center approachJournal of Crime and Justice.  26:177-188. 2003
2002 Female sex offenders: An overview and analysis of 40 casesCriminal Justice Review.  27:284-300. 2002
2001 The discourse of criminality: From beccaria to postmodernismCritical Criminology.  10:107-122. 2001
1996 Police and correctional use of force: Legal and policy standards and implicationsCrime and Delinquency.  42:144-156. 1996
1995 CyberconferencingJournal of Criminal Justice Education.  6:337-341. 1995
1994 Fax machines and social surveys: Teaching an old dog new tricksJournal of Quantitative Criminology.  10:181-188. 1994
1990 Garner plus five years: An examination of Supreme Court intervention into police discretion and legislative prerogativesAmerican Journal of Criminal Justice.  14:167-188. 1990


Year Title Altmetric
2018 Foundations of crime analysis: Data, analyses, and mapping 2018
2013 Forensic Investigation of Sex Crimes and Sexual Offenders 2013

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  • Doctor of Philosophy in Criminal Justice and Corrections, Sam Houston State University 1992
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  • Jeffery Walker