• Dr. Simmons is an anesthesiologist with expertise in perioperative medicine, prehabilitation, surgical optimization, and standardization of medical care. He currently serves as the Medical Director for UAB’s Preoperative Assessment, Consultation, and Treatment Clinics and all Paranesthesia Care Units. Dr. Simmons also sits as the Co-Chair of the Operating Room Executive and Perioperative Oversight Committees. Dr. Simmons has sought to standardize perioperative care and integrate surgical best practices into all surgical service lines at UAB. He has personally led the efforts of five unique Enhanced Recovery After Surgery pathways in colorectal, surgical oncology, GYN-oncology, urology, and pancreatic surgery. Dr. Simmons collaborates throughout the surgical continuum to develop best practices for surgical blood utilization, antibiotic administration, and operating room block utilization. Dr. Simmons works to improve perioperative healthcare through standardization of processes based on evidence-based medicine. His past research has focused on enhanced recovery after surgery, coagulopathy, and proper perioperative blood utilization to mitigate risk.
  • Selected Publications

    Academic Article

    Year Title Altmetric
    2017 Enhanced Recovery After Surgery (ERAS) Eliminates Racial Disparities in Postoperative Length of Stay After Colorectal SurgeryAnnals of Surgery2017
    2016 Crisis in Remote Areas is Not a Remote Problem 2016
    2015 Revealing the real risks of perioperative transfusion: Rise of the machines!Anesthesiology.  122:1-2. 2015


    Year Title Altmetric
    2014 Moderate Sedation 2014

    Research Overview

  • Trauma induced coagulopathy: early identification using viscoelastic measurements and hemodynamic trigger points.
    Massive hemorrhage in trauma population: developing and implementing protocols for damage control resuscitation and the efficient and timely use of blood products.
    Simulation in residency education: developing crisis management plans and objective measurement tools to benchmark resident milestones.
    Multimodal Analgesia: Reducing the burden of opiate analgesia to improve PONV, bowel recovery, and shorter PACU stays.
  • Teaching Overview


    2006 Grand Rounds: Terrorism, Anesthetic Concerns Post Attack.
    Presented at the University of Tennessee Medical Center, Department of Anesthesiology

    2012 Grand Rounds: Air Force Critical Care Air Transportation.
    Presented at the University of Cincinnati Medical Center, Department of Anesthesiology

    2014 Grand Rounds: Damage Control Resuscitation.
    Presented at UAB Medicine, Department of Anesthesiology and Perioperative Medicine

    2016 Enhanced Recovery After Surgery for Major GYN Procedures.
    Presented at the UAB Medicine, Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology

    2019 Grand Rounds: Perioperative Blood Management.
    Presented at the University of Kentucky, Department of Anesthesiology and Perioperative Medicine

    2019 Grand Rounds: Preoperative Optimization.
    Presented at UAB Medicine. Department of Oral & Maxillofacial


    2016 Benefits of Medical Simulation. Kool-Ade anyone? University of Alabama at Birmingham Department of Anesthesiology, 44th Annual Review Course

    2016 Enhanced Recovery After Surgery-Implementing Meaningful Change. Anesthesia And Perioperative Medicine Conference, Vail, CO

    2016 American Society of Anesthesiology Annual Meeting
    • Clinical Forum: "Challenges in Implementation of the Perioperative Surgical Home" Perioperative Medicine track. Saturday, Oct 22, 2016
    • 120-Minute Panel: "Attacking the Ooze! How, Why, and When to Treat the Coagulopathic Patient" Fundamentals of Anesthesiology track. Sunday, Oct 23, 2016
    • Seminar: “High Fidelity Simulation: Training for Crisis or Playing With Plastic?" Fundamentals of Anesthesiology track. Monday, Oct 24, 2016

    2016 Post Graduate Assembly, New York State Society of Anesthesiologists, Acute
    Traumatic Coagulopathy: Physiology and Transfusion Strategies. December 12, 2016

    2017 Enhanced Recovery after GYN/ONC Surgery, University of Alabama at Birmingham Department of OB/GYN Review Course, Bruce Harris Symposium, February 9, 2017

    2019 Perioperative Anemia Management. Annual Congress of Enhanced Recovery and Perioperative Medicine. Washington, DC. April 26, 2019.

    2019 Perioperative Blood Management and Optimization.
    Presented for Penn Medicine. ERAS Improvement Collaborative. University of Pennsylvania Health System. August 30, 2019
  • Education And Training

  • University of Tennessee Medical Center Knoxville Anesthesiology, Chief Resident 2006
  • Doctor of Medicine in Hospital and Health Care Facilities Administration / Management, University of Alabama at Birmingham 2002
  • University of Tennessee Medical Center, Internship 2003
  • University of Tennessee Medical Center, Residency 2006
  • University of Tennessee Medical Center Knoxville Anesthesiology, Residency 2005
  • Full Name

  • Jeffrey Simmons