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2019 Oxylipins mediate cell-to-cell communication in Pseudomonas aeruginosa 2019
2018 A simple cell-based high throughput screening (HTS) assay for inhibitors of Salmonella enterica RNA polymerase containing the general stress response regulator RpoS (σ S ) 2018
2016 Oxylipins produced by Pseudomonas aeruginosa promote biofilm formation and virulence 2016
2016 A novel cell-based assay to measure activity of Venezuelan equine encephalitis virus nsP2 protease 2016
2016 CTXϕ: Exploring new alternatives in host factor-mediated filamentous phage replications. 2016
2016 Pf filamentous phage requires UvrD for replication in Pseudomonas aeruginosa 2016
2016 Tanzawaic acids, a chemically novel set of bacterial conjugation inhibitors 2016
2015 Intracellular Degradable Hydrogel Cubes and Spheres for Anti-Cancer Drug Delivery 2015
2015 Synthetic fatty acids prevent plasmid-mediated horizontal gene transfer 2015
2014 PH-responsive hydrogel cubes for release of doxorubicin in cancer cells 2014
2013 Biocompatible shaped particles from dried multilayer polymer capsules 2013
2011 Characterization of the single-stranded DNA binding protein pV(VGJΦ) of VGJΦ phage from Vibrio cholerae. 2011
2011 Cys mutants in functional regions of Sticholysin I clarify the participation of these residues in pore formation. 2011
2011 Validation of a mutant of the pore-forming toxin sticholysin-I for the construction of proteinase-activated immunotoxins. 2011
2010 VEJ{phi}, a novel filamentous phage of Vibrio cholerae able to transduce the cholera toxin genes. 2010
2009 DNA binding proteins of the filamentous phages CTXphi and VGJphi of Vibrio cholerae. 2009
2009 Anaerobic growth promotes synthesis of colonization factors encoded at the Vibrio pathogenicity island in Vibrio cholerae El Tor. 2009
2008 El Tor and Calcutta CTXPhi precursors coexisting with intact CTXPhi copies in Vibrio cholerae O139 isolates. 2008
2006 Structural and functional characterization of a recombinant sticholysin I (rSt I) from the sea anemone Stichodactyla helianthus. 2006
2005 The single-stranded genome of phage CTX is the form used for integration into the genome of Vibrio cholerae. 2005
2005 The vaccine candidate Vibrio cholerae 638 is protective against cholera in healthy volunteers. 2005
2003 Novel type of specialized transduction for CTX phi or its satellite phage RS1 mediated by filamentous phage VGJ phi in Vibrio cholerae. 2003
2003 Production and characterization of monoclonal antibodies to E1 Tor toxin co-regulated pilus of Vibrio cholerae. 2003
2003 VGJ phi, a novel filamentous phage of Vibrio cholerae, integrates into the same chromosomal site as CTX phi. 2003
2003 Construction and characterisation of O139 cholera vaccine candidates. 2003
2001 Differential interleukin-8 response of intestinal epithelial cell line to reactogenic and nonreactogenic candidate vaccine strains of Vibrio cholerae. 2001
2000 Construction and characterization of a nonproliferative El Tor cholera vaccine candidate derived from strain 638. 2000
1999 Preliminary assessment of the safety and immunogenicity of a new CTXPhi-negative, hemagglutinin/protease-defective El Tor strain as a cholera vaccine candidate. 1999
1998 Production and characterization of a monoclonal antibody against mannose-sensitive hemagglutinin of Vibrio cholerae. 1998
1997 Promoter activities in Vibrio cholerae ctx phi prophage. 1997
1996 Tagging a Vibrio cholerae El Tor candidate vaccine strain by disruption of its hemagglutinin/protease gene using a novel reporter enzyme: Clostridium thermocellum endoglucanase A. 1996
1996 Genetic manipulation of Vibrio cholerae for vaccine development: construction of live attenuated El Tor candidate vaccine strains. 1996

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  • Javier Campos-Gomez