Selected Publications

Academic Article

Year Title Altmetric
2004 Access to dental care in Alabama for children with special needs: Parents' perspectivesJournal of the American Dental Association.  135:490-495. 2004
2004 UAB School of Dentistry: reaching outside the walls. 2004
2002 Parents' perceptions of access to dental care for children with special health needs.Journal of Dental Research.  81:A438-A438. 2002
2000 Oral manifestations of Langehans' cell histiocytosis: Review and report of caseJournal of Dentistry for Children.  67:293-296. 2000
1999 Behavior management techniques among pediatric dentists practicing in the southeastern United StatesPediatric Dentistry.  21:347-353. 1999
1996 The incidence, classification, etiology, and embryology of oral clefts.Seminars in Orthodontics.  2:162-168. 1996
1995 Apples & oranges: a look at cultural diversity. 1995
1995 Successful replantation and splinting of a maxillary segment fracture in the primary dentition.Pediatric Dentistry.  17:124-126. 1995
1994 Unilateral fusion of primary molars with the presence of a succedaneous supernumerary tooth: case report.Pediatric Dentistry.  16:53-55. 1994
1993 Preanesthesia transfusion and sickle cell anemia patients: Case report and controversies. 1993
1992 Neurofibroma of the mandible in an adolescent with von Recklinghausen's disease.Pediatric Dentistry.  14:347-350. 1992
1992 Dental management of patients with spinal cord injury.Compendium (Newtown, Pa.).  13. 1992
1992 The assessment of two oral sedation drug regimens in pediatric dental patients.ASDC journal of dentistry for children.  59:306-312. 1992
1991 Short root anomaly in a patient with a history of Stevens-Johnson syndrome: report of case.ASDC journal of dentistry for children.  58:256-259. 1991
1990 Managing the dental patient with sickle cell anemia: a review of the literature.Pediatric Dentistry.  12:316-320. 1990
1989 Eye protection and ocular complications in the dental office.General Dentistry.  37:19-23. 1989
1989 Oral hygiene levels and periodontal disease prevalence among residents with mental retardation at various residential settings 1989
1988 Marginal leakage of two glass ionomer cements: Ketac-Fil and Ketac-Silver.American Journal of Dentistry.  1:35-38. 1988
1986 Fluoride release from and tensile bond strength of Ketac-fil and ketac-silver to enamel and dentinDental Materials.  2:241-245. 1986
1986 The effect of fluoride in phosphoric acid on enamel fluoride uptake and the tensile bond strength of an orthodontic bonding resinAmerican Journal of Orthodontics and Dentofacial Orthopedics.  90:91-101. 1986
1986 The prevention of bacterial endocarditis. A new approach to a changing disease.The Alabama journal of medical sciences.  23:96-99. 1986
1985 A large dentigerous cyst in a child patient. The clinical implications.Clinical preventive dentistry.  7:9-11. 1985
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1983 Osteogenesis imperfecta with dentinogenesis imperfecta: a mistaken case of child abuse.Pediatric Dentistry.  5:207-209. 1983
1983 Dentistry and the handicapped child.The Alabama journal of medical sciences.  20:22-27. 1983
1982 Severe congenital hypoglossia and micrognathia with other multiple birth defectsJournal of Oral Pathology and Medicine.  11:276-282. 1982
1982 The space maintainer: case reports of misuse and failures.General Dentistry.  30:64-67. 1982
1981 Bacterial endocarditis. A retrospective study of cases admitted to the University of Alabama Hospitals from 1969 to 1979Oral surgery, oral medicine, and oral pathology.  52:379-383. 1981

Education And Training

  • Master of Arts in Education, Pepperdine University 1981
  • Doctor of Dental Medicine in Dentistry, University of Alabama at Birmingham 1972
  • Bachelor's Degree in Chemistry, University of Alabama 1967
  • Full Name

  • John Thornton