• Jeremy Foote PhD, DVM, DACVP | Assistant Professor Microbiology
    Director of Comparative Pathology Lab, Animal Resources Program
    Director of the Gnotobiotic and Genetically-Engineered Mouse Core
    UAB | The University of Alabama at Birmingham
    BLDG Abbreviation Suite RSB 250G | 1800 9th Ave. South | Birmingham, AL 35294
    P: 205.975.0688 | jbf130@uab.edu
  • Selected Publications

    Academic Article

    Year Title Altmetric
    2018 STING signaling: A key to therapeutic tumor immunityImmunotherapy.  10:729-731. 2018
    2017 A STING Agonist Given with OX40 Receptor and PD-L1 Modulators Primes Immunity and Reduces Tumor Growth in Tolerized Mice.Cancer Immunology Research.  5:468-479. 2017
    2017 Sorafenib combined with HER-2 targeted vaccination can promote effective T cell immunity in vivo.International Immunopharmacology.  46:112-123. 2017
    2015 A Murine Viral Outgrowth Assay to Detect Residual HIV Type 1 in Patients With Undetectable Viral Loads.Journal of Infectious Diseases.  212:1387-1396. 2015
    2015 Immune targeting in breast cancer.Oncology.  29:375-385. 2015
    2014 Engraftment of canine peripheral blood lymphocytes into nonobese diabetic-severe combined immune deficient IL-2R common gamma chain null mice.Veterinary Immunology and Immunopathology.  157:131-141. 2014
    2012 A rapid and quantitative method for the evaluation of V gene usage, specificities and the clonal size of B cell repertoiresJournal of Immunological Methods.  376:143-149. 2012
    2012 Long-term maintenance of polysaccharide-specific antibodies by IgM-secreting cellsJournal of Immunology.  188:57-67. 2012
    2011 Membranous glomerulopathy in an adult patient with X-linked agammaglobulinemia receiving intravenous gammaglobulinJournal of Investigational Allergology and Clinical Immunology.  21:405-409. 2011
    2011 Marginal zone B cells regulate antigen capture by marginal zone macrophagesJournal of Immunology.  186:2172-2181. 2011
    2009 Generation of B cell memory to the bacterial polysaccharide α-1,3 dextranJournal of Immunology.  183:6359-6368. 2009
    2006 Fc receptor homolog 3 is a novel immunoregulatory marker of marginal zone and B1 B cellsJournal of Immunology.  177:6815-6823. 2006
    2005 Marginal zone B cells in lymphocyte activation and regulationCurrent Opinion in Immunology.  17:244-250. 2005

    Research Overview

  • Role of B cells and tumor antigen-specific antibodies in pancreatic cancer progression.
    Comparative pathology
    Comparative oncology
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    Education And Training

  • Johns Hopkins, School of Medicine Oncology, Postdoctoral Fellowship
  • Doctor of Dental Surgery, Auburn University 2013
  • Doctor of Philosophy in Microbiology, University of Alabama at Birmingham 2009
  • Bachelor of Science or Mathematics in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, The Pennsylvania State University 2002
  • Full Name

  • Jeremy Foote