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Year Title Altmetric
2020 Relative contribution of individual versus combined functional imaging studies in predicting seizure freedom in pediatric epilepsy surgery: an area under the curve analysis. 2020
2020 Utility of magnetic source imaging in nonlesional focal epilepsy: a prospective study 2020
2019 An embarrassing aura 2019
2018 Experience of psychogenic nonepileptic seizures in the Canadian league against epilepsy: A survey describing current practices by neurologists and epileptologists 2018
2018 The clinical impact of integration of magnetoencephalography in the presurgical workup for refractory nonlesional epilepsy 2018
2017 The impact of hypsarrhythmia on infantile spasms treatment response: Observational cohort study from the National Infantile Spasms Consortium 2017
2017 Orbitofrontal epilepsy: Case series and review of literature 2017
2017 Precuneal epilepsy: Clinical features and surgical outcome 2017
2017 EpiNet as a way of involving more physicians and patients in epilepsy research: Validation study and accreditation process 2017
2016 Cost-utility analysis of magnetoencephalography used to inform intracranial electrode placement in patients with drug resistant epilepsy: a model based analysis 2016
2016 Magnetoencephalographic signatures of insular epileptic spikes based on functional connectivity 2016
2016 Reflex operculoinsular seizures 2016
2016 Recruitment of the left precentral gyrus in reading epilepsy: A multimodal neuroimaging study 2016
2015 Does treatment have an impact on incidence and risk factors for autism spectrum disorders in children with infantile spasms? 2015
2014 Different localizations underlying cortical gelastic epilepsy: Case series and review of literature 2014
2014 Is focal cortical dysplasia sporadic? Family evidence for genetic susceptibility 2014
2014 Valproate-induced pseudoatrophy: Expanding the clinical and imaging spectrum 2014
2014 What do patients and families want from a child neurology consultation? 2014
2013 The utility of magnetoencephalography in the presurgical evaluation of refractory insular epilepsy 2013
2013 Source localization of interictal spike-locked neuromagnetic oscillations in pediatric neocortical epilepsy 2013
2013 Magnetoencephalography (MEG) and other neurophysiological investigations 2013
2012 A randomized controlled trial of flunarizine as add-on therapy and effect on cognitive outcome in children with infantile spasms 2012
2012 Systematic review and case series of neuropsychological functioning after epilepsy surgery in children with dysembryoplastic neuroepithelial tumors (DNET) 2012
2012 High-frequency oscillations (HFOs) in clinical epilepsy 2012
2011 Neuromagnetic cerebellar activation during seizures arising from the motor cortex 2011
2011 Asphyxiation causing distinctive basal ganglia injury and generalized dystonia 2011
2010 The significance of frontal intermittent rhythmic delta activity in children 2010
2009 Changing ictal-onset EEG patterns in children with cortical dysplasia 2009
2008 Somatosensory-evoked fields on magnetoencephalography for epilepsy infants younger than 4 years with total intravenous anesthesia 2008
2008 Spatiotemporal patterns of oscillatory brain activity during auditory word recognition in children: A synthetic aperture magnetometry study 2008
2007 Utility of magnetoencephalography in the evaluation of recurrent seizures after epilepsy surgery 2007
2007 MEG source estimation from mesio-basal temporal areas in a child with a porencephalic cyst 2007
2007 Localization of interictal spikes using an event-related beamformer 2007
2007 Magnetoencephalography in children: Routine clinical protocol for intractable epilepsy at the hospital for sick children 2007
2007 Magnetoencephalography for surgical treatment of refractory status epilepticus 2007
2007 Magnetoencephalography for surgical treatment of refractory status epilepticus. 2007
2007 Surgical treatment for acute symptomatic refractory status epilepticus: A case report 2007
2007 Magnetoencephalography and diffusion tensor imaging in gelastic seizures secondary to a cingulate gyrus lesion 2007
2006 Magnetoencephalographic spike sources associated with auditory auras in paediatric localisation-related epilepsy 2006
2006 What intractability information is there in the type of generalized seizure? 2006
2005 Characterizing magnetoencephalographic spike sources in children with tuberous sclerosis complex 2005


Year Title Altmetric
2010 Focal cortical dysplasia and epilepsy surgery 2010

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  • Bachelor of Medicine & Surgery (MBBS), Alexandria University 1990
  • Children's Hospital of Michigan, Residency 2002
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  • Ismail Mohamed