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2021 Structural complexity is negatively associated with brain activity: a novel multimodal test of compensation theories of agingNeurobiology of Aging.  98:185-196. 2021
2021 Cellphone addiction explains how cellphones impair learning for lecture materials 2021
2020 Risk for Alzheimer's disease: A review of long-term episodic memory encoding and retrieval fMRI studiesAgeing Research Reviews.  62. 2020
2020 Refining the metamemory in adulthood questionnaire: a 20-item version of change and capacity designed for research and clinical settingsAging and Mental Health.  24:1054-1063. 2020
2020 The association between the number of chronic health conditions and advance care planning varies by race/ethnicityAging and Mental Health.  24:453-463. 2020
2019 Evidence for maintained post-encoding memory consolidation across the Adult Lifespan Revealed by network complexity 2019
2019 Biological markers of aging and mental health: A seed and soil model of neurocognitive disordersAging and Mental Health.  23:793-799. 2019
2019 Do older adults with Alzheimer's disease engage in estate planning and advance care planning preparation?Aging and Mental Health.  23:872-879. 2019
2019 Cognitive reserve moderates older adults' memory errors in an autobiographical reality monitoring task.Psychology & Neuroscience.  12:247-256. 2019
2019 What makes us busy? Predictors of perceived busyness across the adult lifespan 2019
2019 A review on the trajectory of attentional mechanisms in aging and the alzheimer’s disease continuum through the attention network testYale Journal of Biology and Medicine.  92:37-51. 2019
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2019 Linear and Nonlinear Relationships Between Cognitive Subdomains of Ability Discrepancy and Alzheimer's Disease BiomarkersNeuropsychology2019
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2018 Addicted to cellphones: exploring the psychometric properties between the nomophobia questionnaire and obsessiveness in college studentsHeliyon.  4. 2018
2018 The relation between white matter microstructure and network complexity: Implications for processing efficiencyFrontiers in Integrative Neuroscience.  12. 2018
2018 The effect of cellphones on attention and learning: The influences of time, distraction, and nomophobiaComputers in Human Behavior.  86:52-60. 2018
2018 Individual differences in math anxiety and math self-concept promote forgetting in a directed forgetting paradigm 2018
2018 Mindcontrol: A web application for brain segmentation quality control.NeuroImage.  170:365-372. 2018
2018 The Relation Between White Matter Microstructure and Network Complexity: Implications for Processing Efficienc 2018
2017 Classroom stress promotes motivated forgetting of mathematics knowledge 2017
2017 The Effects of Cell Phone Use and Emotion-regulation Style on College Students' Learning 2017
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2016 The busier the better: Greater busyness is associated with better cognitionFrontiers in Aging Neuroscience.  8. 2016
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2008 Autobiographical Elaboration Reduces Memory Distortion: Cognitive Operations and the Distinctiveness HeuristicJournal of Experimental Psychology: Learning, Memory, and Cognition.  34:1430-1445. 2008

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  • Master of Psychology, University of Chicago 2008
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