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2015 A simple analytical model of coupled single flow channel over porous electrode in vanadium redox flow battery with serpentine flow channelJournal of Power Sources.  288:308-313. 2015
2014 Flow distribution and maximum current density studies in redox flow batteries with a single passage of the serpentine flow channelJournal of Power Sources.  270:646-657. 2014
2013 Sensing and energy harvesting of fluidic flow by InAs nanowires 2013
2012 Stability of liquid bridges between coaxial equidimensional disks to axisymmetric finite perturbations: A review 2012
2010 Modelling of phase separation in binary fluid under vibration with LBMInternational Journal of Modelling, Identification and Control.  9:65-70. 2010
2007 Thermal vibrational convection in a two-phase stratified liquid 2007
2006 The stability of two connected drops suspended from the edges of circular holesJournal of Fluid Mechanics.  563:319-355. 2006
2006 Analysis of single droplet dynamics on striped surface domains using a lattice Boltzmann methodMicrofluidics and Nanofluidics.  2:309-326. 2006
2006 Application of the lattice Boltzmann method to two-phase Rayleigh-Benard convection with a deformable interfaceJournal of Computational Physics.  212:473-489. 2006
2006 Capillary pressure of a liquid in a layer of close-packed uniform spheresPhysics of Fluids.  18. 2006
2005 Morphological stability of a solid-liquid interface and cellular growth: Insights from thermoelectric measurements in microgravity experimentsJournal of Crystal Growth.  279:195-205. 2005
2005 Contamination of microgravity liquid diffusivity measurements by void-generated thermocapillary convectionJournal of Crystal Growth.  276:621-634. 2005
2005 Physical and hydraulic properties of baked ceramic aggregates used for plant growth mediumJournal of the American Society for Horticultural Science.  130:767-774. 2005
2004 Effects of void-induced convection on interface morphology and segregation during low-g solidificationInternational Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer.  47:5129-5137. 2004
2004 A Review of the Stability of Disconnected Equilibrium Capillary Surfaces 2004
2003 On the stability of double bubbles and double dropsJournal of Colloid and Interface Science.  262:212-220. 2003
2003 Hybrid Reynolds-averaged Navier-Stokes/large-eddy simulations of supersonic turbulent mixing 2003
2003 Stability diagrams for disconnected capillary surfacesPhysics of Fluids.  15:3532-3545. 2003
2002 Mass and thermal diffusivity algorithms: Reduced algorithms for mass and thermal diffusivity determinationsAnnals of the New York Academy of Sciences.  974:146-156. 2002
2002 Convective Effects During Diffusivity Measurements in Liquids with an Applied Magnetic FieldInternational Journal of Thermophysics.  23:649-666. 2002
2002 Draining intraperitoneal gas after laparoscopyAnaesthesia.  57:606-625. 2002
2002 Stability of connected cylindrical liquid bridgesPhysical review. E, Statistical physics, plasmas, fluids, and related interdisciplinary topics.  65. 2002
2002 The stability margin for stable weightless liquid bridgesPhysics of Fluids.  14:209-224. 2002
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2001 Composition variations induced by g-jitter in Bridgman growth of Sn-Bi alloys in microgravityJournal of Crystal Growth.  226:543-554. 2001
2001 A perturbation analysis of the stability of long liquid bridges between almost circular supporting disksPhysics of Fluids.  13:2724-2727. 2001
2001 Some aspects of the fluid flow in a porous media in the microgravity conditions for the space plant production systemsMagnetic Resonance Imaging.  19:593. 2001
2000 Dynamics of layer growth in protein crystallizationChemical Reviews.  100:2061-2089. 2000
2000 Investigation of vibrational control of convective flows in Bridgman melt growth configurationsJournal of Crystal Growth.  211:34-42. 2000
2000 Collapse dynamics of liquid bridges investigated by time-varying magnetic levitationPhysical Review Letters.  84:338-341. 2000
2000 Experimental confirmation of the insensitivity of mass diffusion measurements to blockages and voids along the diffusion pathReview of Scientific Instruments.  71:4497-4501. 2000
2000 On the stability limits of long nonaxisymmetric cylindrical liquid bridgesPhysics of Fluids.  12:979-985. 2000
2000 Stability of disconnected free surfaces in a cylindrical container under zero gravity: Simple casesPhysics of Fluids.  12:2800-2808. 2000
1999 Contactless directional crystallizationJournal of Crystal Growth.  207:127-137. 1999
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1998 Modeling g-sensitivity of low-gravity experiments 1998
1998 Combined effect of disk inequality and axial gravity on axisymmetric liquid bridge stabilityPhysics of Fluids.  10:2473-2488. 1998
1998 On the Boussinesq approximation for fluid systems with deformable interfacesAdvances in Space Research.  22:1159-1168. 1998
1997 A rationale system-dependent advantages and disadvantages of solution crystal growth at low gravity 1997
1997 An inverse finite element method for pure and binary solidification problemsJournal of Computational Physics.  130:243-255. 1997
1997 Bifurcation of the equilibrium states of a weightless liquid bridgePhysics of Fluids.  9:1893-1905. 1997
1997 Chaotic thermovibrational flow in a laterally heated cavityPhysical review. E, Statistical physics, plasmas, fluids, and related interdisciplinary topics.  56:4152-4156. 1997
1997 Modified diffusion-limited aggregation simulation of electrodeposition in two dimensionsPhysical review. E, Statistical physics, plasmas, fluids, and related interdisciplinary topics.  56:4317-4327. 1997
1997 Plateau tank apparatus for the study of liquid bridgesReview of Scientific Instruments.  68:1495-1500. 1997
1997 Stability of an isorotating liquid bridge in an axial gravity fieldPhysics of Fluids.  9:1880-1892. 1997
1997 g-Jitter effects on segregation during directional solidification of tin-bismuth in the MEPHISTO furnace facilityJournal of Crystal Growth.  178:657-661. 1997
1996 Stability of non-axisymmetric liquid bridges 1996
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1992 Convection in an asymmetrically heated cylinderInternational Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer.  35:2119-2130. 1992
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1991 Growth morphologies of crystal surfaces 1991
1990 Modelling the solution growth of TGS crystals in low gravityJournal of Crystal Growth.  104:218-232. 1990
1990 Epidural and intravenous infusions of diamorphineEuropean Journal of Anaesthesiology.  7:309-315. 1990
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1989 Morphological evolution of crystals growing in the presence of a uniform drift: A Monte Carlo simulation 1989
1988 Morphological evolution of growing crystals: A Monte Carlo simulation 1988
1986 The effect of latent heat on weakly non-linear morphological stabilityJournal of Crystal Growth.  79:849-865. 1986
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1981 A Newtonian fluid model of the onset of plane folding in a single rock layer with surface tension effectsMathematical modelling.  2:319-348. 1981

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  • Doctor of Philosophy in Geology / Earth Science, Washington State University at Pullman 1981
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  • J. Iwan Alexander